Saturday, March 24, 2018

Amira Can Catch by Kevin Christofora Review

Amira Can Catch, New Kid in School
by Kevin Christofora

A New Kid in School is the fourth in a series of books by The Hometown All Stars for children ages three to seven. Amira, the new kid in school lands in a new hometown after leaving her home country of Syria over a year ago. She is shy and a looks a little scared as the teacher introduces her to class. Amira is rapidly welcomed by Nick and the rest of the All Star team.

 She adapts quickly to their silly ways. With a little help on Amira's spelling and math at school, Amira's mom might be more likely to let her play baseball with the team after school. Her mom was very strict because she had a lot of school days to make up after they were forced out of their old home. The Hometown All Stars learn all about hotdogs, maps, fingers up, fingers down, train tunnels, Willie Mays, #24 and how to catch 3 different types of pop fly balls. True to real life, you have to learn how to hit, run, throw and catch before you play a real game of baseball.

Coach ends practice with a little teaser and all the fun that is ahead of them at the next practice titled Pizza Pie Day! Batter up for a great tale - both fact and fantasy - that celebrate the spirit of our national pastime. The Hometown All Stars series helps children learn beginning sports skills with real life coaching techniques, combined with education and most importantly how to have FUN.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra 's Review- The book is informative and well written. It is easy to understand and includes facts for your little reader. It is short but that is good because there is a lot included. 

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