Thursday, March 29, 2018

Achilles knife Review

There is a team from Germany who has just completely reinvented the chef knife.
Sternsteiger Solingen
Designed to be different, Achilles are a full-line of chef knives that make cutting chores safer, easier and more efficient. How'd they do it? With a precision unibody design, unique balance hole and an ergonomic handle shape that gives you unprecedented control (wet or dry). 
Sternsteiger Achilles
Now you can cut and prepare food with confidence just like the pros! Plus all Achilles knives are given a unique Nano-Coated edge so they stay wicked sharp even under heavy use.

The award winning Achilles knives are available individually or in complete sets. They recently launched on Kickstarter and received an amazing response from investors, professional chefs and foodies all over the world.
I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  I LOVE this knife.  I can feel like an amazing chef while using this beautifully crafted blade.  The handle is sleek and classy and I enjoy the weight as it is not super heavy, but offers a good slice.  It is easy to hand clean and dry, just be careful because this is sharp.  I would review more from this brand anytime. 

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