Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Mix of Spring Reads for Adults with Reviews

The following books are for adults and not children.  
All the F*cks I Cannot Give (fiction, humor, adventure, romance) – When mild mannered yet high performing marketing consultant, Kelly Carson, is unceremoniously fired over the phone by his pretentious boss just weeks before Christmas, it becomes the catalyst for much needed life changes. 
Falling under the unexpected mentorship of an unbalanced Hollywood actress currently escaping her own career problems, Kelly follows Terri on a last-minute trip to Hawaii, putting into motion a series of hilarious events and misfortunes that teach Kelly how to let loose, accept the fact that he has a girl’s name, what to do when you mistakenly eat an entire bag of edibles during a plane ride, and, ultimately, how to learn when to no give a f*ck. This book will have you laughing from the first page and rooting for Kelly until the very end. 

Cassandra's review- Vulgar, out of the box and super extreme is the lengths this author goes to in order to put forth what he believes to be humorous moments.  Depending on the readers this could be funny or plain stupid.  

Winning Streak (inspirational fiction, sports, romance) – Using sport as a backdrop, WINNING STREAK is the story of how three lives intersect and how each comes to learn critical lessons in order to heal from the pain of loss in their lives. 

A pro golfer about to accomplish a feat not seen in over 80 years walks away from it all and retreats to his hometown after the sudden death of his father. A daughter, tasked with reinventing her father’s magazine, must overcome her own past hometown to fulfill his wife’s dying wish only to realize there’s far more to the story than he realized … Mitch Albom meets Nicholas Sparks as readers are taken on an emotional journey full of laughter and tear.

Cassandra's review- Like Golf?  I hope so because this book will drag you into it while pushing out a story  that is mixed up in a good paced way.

Uncorking A Murder (fiction, mystery, detective, crime) A retired detective short on time is looking to right a wrong in this "Serial meets Gone Girl" thriller. The Uncorking a Murder podcast took the nation by storm. Farrah Graham, the creator and host, struck a nerve with listeners through a ten-episode serial that combined investigative journalism, old fashioned radio drama, and compelling storytelling. The public, not to mention Farrah’s advertisers, are hungry for season two!

 While Farrah and her partner Melody struggle to agree on a topic for the second season of Uncorking a Murder, their intern takes a call from a retired detective in Ft. Lauderdale pitching his request that the next season focus on a case he was involved with five years earlier. Curious to hear why a retired detective is driven to have a conviction overturned, Farrah follows her curiosity down to Ft. Lauderdale where she uncovers a conspiracy involving a narcissistic CEO and a US Senator willing to do anything to protect their secrets, but will she live long enough to uncork the story?

Cassandra's Review- The author has a more vulgar approach to writing in a way that I think might be for shock value, but it is kind of a turn off when reading a good book.   The story has ups and downs because of they way it is given so profoundly.   I would not purposely search this author out to read more.

Chasing the Merry-Go-Round (memoir, special needs, personal growth) Life moves fast. Too fast for some people. This is the true story of what it's like to live in a world where you can't keep up. Bobby was ten months old when my mom and dad rescued him from birth parents who were slowly killing him. He was adopted into our family after a lengthy custody battle.

 Instead of that settling him, it set off a lifelong struggle to find a place to belong, a place to call home. Like an old-fashioned merry-go-round, the world moved at a speed that was just too fast for Bobby. He couldn't keep up, which prevented him from keeping a job, a roof over his head, and the basics needed to survive. The life he dreamt of was always out of reach.

 No one knew why. While cultural ideals of what a "normal" life looks like can distort our perspective, Chasing the Merry-Go-Round allows readers to see the world through the eyes of a person with intellectual and physical disabilities, which can often be invisible, especially at first glance. It's a story about struggle and hope, survival and resilience, and most of all, the gift of acceptance and love.

Cassandra's Review- Sad, eye opening, an honest look at something so real in a way that transformed the moments in my mind as I got in the more powerful points of the chapters.  The author gives all to the reader in a way that feels pure and it is so mixed with an emotional merry go round of sorts.

Sanity Lost & Found (Memoir, abuse, cult, personal growth, inspirational) How do we become victims of our own irrationality? What makes us vulnerable to the predators among us? Why would an otherwise sensitive, intelligent woman allow herself to return again and again to her abuser? How do we stop the erosion of our self-worth?

Simultaneously recognizable and horrifying, we see parts of ourselves and our own vulnerabilities in this compelling story of one woman’s descent into and climb out of the abyss.

For anyone who has ever allowed themselves to be victimized, for anyone who has ever doubted their value, for anyone wanting to protect their children from such vulnerabilities, SANITY LOST & FOUND is a compelling, informative, and inspirational read that weaves together the how and why for such vulnerabilities and the components necessary for recovery and transformation.

Cassandra's Review- The book was everything a story would be in a setting like this and was actually worth taking the time to get through the slower sections.  I could feel pain and moments that were so true to life that is gave me a sickly feeling in a good way. 

I received complimentary copies. 

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