Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The Age of Promise By Randy Robison Review

The Age of Promise
Escape the Shadows of the Law to Live in the Light of Christ
By Randy Robison
The past provides a blueprint for the present and promises hope for the future.

Many Christians struggle to understand Old Testament teachings. We look at the laws and rituals and wonder how those long-ago practices could possibly be relevant to our lives now. Randy Robison believes they are not only necessary but are, in fact, vital to a closer walk with Jesus.

In The Age of Promise, Robison introduces us to ten foundational promises made in the Old Testament and transformed in Christ, ten mysteries now revealed in Jesus that offer us a deeper, more powerful relationship with the Father. These ten promises, which bring God’s intricate plan of redemption to fulfillment, include:

The promise of deliverance
The promise of the chosen people
The promise of the temple
And much, much more!
When we learn from the past and apply it to the present, we determine our future. The Age of Promise invites us to uncover the glorious riches of our heritage of faith and experience real transformation in our everyday lives. With the light of Christ shining on the shadows of the past, we develop a more complete perspective and discover a deeper, more powerful relationship with the eternal Father who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- Depending on your faith based beliefs and discernment of the Old Testament, this book could go either way.   I found that the author chose specific parts to enhance his thoughts and kindly pushes views that might not otherwise be sought after.  It will shine true for some readers and others it may just blip out a bit short.   For me it is like taking possible facts and blending in information to make it so.

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