Thursday, January 04, 2018

Not all PR agencies are alike

As a blogger you might have a hard time finding work or products to review and often times cold pitching is difficult because you have to dig for information and try to find the best person at the brand to communicate with.

  Several times I have tried to contact via a contact form on a website only to have an automated response or a reply where the brands rep has no idea what I am referring to or where to send my requests. 

It is very hard to find the right products or ideas that will appeal to everyone and I also like to add giveaways in the mix of postings.   When I first started out several years ago I found out about PR agencies and some just want you to work for free while they feed you junk links and nonsense that had no relevance to your following or help in any way to produce compensation for the influencer or in the old days we just said blogger.  
Nancy Behrman
Now that I have worked really hard I get more honest and compensated pitches from PR agencies and brands who see my worth and hard work.  Still to this day and I am sure in the future I will be contacted to work for free in exchange of nothing,  knowing on my end that the person writing the email or the employee of the PR agency is getting paid to find me to work for free. 
My point is that there are good and bad places to work with and I would like to introduce to influencers that are looking for help to Nancy Behrman who is president of Behrman Communications because they specialize in a multitude of strategies, including public relations, brand building and strategic planning, retail advisory services, and digital influencer relations and management. 

Whether offering guidance on branding, mapping out a regional market media tour, or developing engaging digital campaigns and collaborations, we make it our mission to express your company’s bespoke vision and philosophy.  

The agency’s diverse capabilities work together to communicate a compelling brand story, inspiring media, influencers and consumers alike, and helping clients become and stay category leaders.

I believe Nancy is going to work with you and help to find ways for the influencer to get ahead as well.  


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