Thursday, December 07, 2017

Top Spots Parents Hide Christmas Gifts from their Kids #zulily

Looks like “Santa,” or should we say mom and dad, might make it on the naughty list next year! From wrapping paper swaps to half-eaten cookies, parents are going to tricky lengths to ensure their kids don’t discover the truth about Santa and, at zulily,  they are finding out just what those lengths will be…

Nearly half of US parents (46 percent) indicated that their children have snooped around searching for gifts to find out what all their presents were going to be for Christmas.

Parents are most likely to hide presents from St. Nick in the trunk of their car (32%) – with the linen closet being the second most likely choice for hiding presents (31%).

Garage (23%), Basement (21%) & Friend’s House (20%)

Over half of parents (51%) believe that their children would be willing to get their teeth cleaned at the dentist in exchange to finding out what all their presents will be, before Christmas.

47% of parents believe their children would be willing to clean their room daily for a year in exchange to finding out about their presents.

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