Monday, December 04, 2017

HydraLight Review

 Now, for the first time, there is a flashlight that runs on water.  There are no batteries, and no charging.  It simply runs on water.
How does it work?  You just remove the revolutionary “hydra-Cell” fuel cell, and immerse it in water.  When water enters the fuel cell, it immediately begins to generate power.   Place the fuel cell back in the HydraLight, and you have a functional flashlight. But the HydraLight is more than just a flashlight.  By extending the barrel, it becomes a hands-free lantern that supplies light to the entire area.
 Hydralight Flashlight and Lantern
Key features of HydraLight are:

The HydraLight can be switched on and off like a regular flashlight, and can run up to 100 continuous hours on a single water charge.

With a rubberized armor coating, the HydraLight is rugged, durable, and made to last.  It can safely be used in even the worst weather conditions.

With a handheld light, you need one hand to hold the light…but with the HydraLight, you now have both hands-free!

It’s perfect for outdoor camping activities.  It can even hang inside your tent.  It’s perfect for your boat, or for anytime you need a hands-free light.

The HydraLight is the perfect long lasting light for emergencies of all kinds.

I received complimentary product

Cassandra's Review- With a brilliant light and super easy to use function this is a must have gift of the holiday.  I was so pleased and I think the kids will love it. 

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