Friday, December 08, 2017

Dream Big by Ilona R Selke Review

Dream Big the Universe Is Listening: Creating a Better World for Yourself and the Planet 
by Ilona R Selke 

Have you ever watched your thoughts manifest in 3-D reality and wondered how that is possible?

DREAM BIG takes you on a journey into the greater mystery of the universe. Learn step by step, through fascinating stories, how to manifest your goals and dreams. At the same time you dream big, you create a better life for yourself and the planet. 

We are living in a consciousness interactive universe. For you to become the master of your destiny, you need to dive into your subconscious mind and reach into your super-consciousness.Travel with Ilona Selke across the globe and into other levels of consciousness, as she describes in easy to follow steps, just how magical life really is. You will come away inspired and equipped to make your dreams come true and to create a better life for yourself and the planet.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I think the the cool factor of this book is the open mindedness and possibility to the more out of life positively.   You get a boost while reading this book in a very exciting way and this is a great book for anyone feeling kind of down in their life.   

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  1. Thanks so much for you review, Cassandra! Living from Vision and Ilona's methods certainly impact one's satisfaction in life. At least for me, personally it did.


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