Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tommy Nelson's Brave Girls Confidential By Travis Thrasher Review

Tommy Nelson's Brave Girls Confidential
Stories and Secrets about Faith and Friendship
By Travis Thrasher

Join Brave Girls Faith, Hope, Glory, Gracie, and Honor as they discover how much they are loved and they learn what it means to live godly lives in their homes, schools, and communities.

Faith, Hope, Glory, Gracie, and Honor are five regular girls with regular lives. They have frustrating siblings and friends who fight sometimes, even though they love each other a lot. They have strong subjects in school, but they have struggles too. They love Jesus, and sometimes they have questions about Him. They’re just like you!

Brave Girls Confidential is a collection of stories meant to encourage and inspire. Through tales of what it means to be brave, strong, and faithful in everyday life, the Brave Girls show young readers how exciting faith can be. With engaging stories, strengthening scriptures, and takeaway discussion points to encourage meaningful conversations, Tommy Nelson's Brave Girls Confidential has something for every girl who longs to live brave.

The great content and beautiful full-color design make Tommy Nelson's Brave Girls Confidentiala wonderful gift for any young girl.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  if you have girls in your home and want to give them something positive and clean to read this is going to be a great book.  It covers topics that are sometimes super hard and takes your child on a thinking journey in faith to discover answers.   I like the stories and how they send great vibes.

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