Thursday, November 02, 2017

Creature Files Books from Quarto Kids Review

Creature Files: Predators
Creature Files: Predators
Hardcover / 9780760355275 / $14.99
With stunning photos on every page, Creature Files: Predators will thrill young readers with facts about twenty different predators from across the globe. Each profile includes facts about the animal’s habitat, diet, and how fast it can run, fly, or swim. From knife-like claws, to lightning speed, these creatures are sure to spark the imaginations of animal lovers far and wide. Creature Files: Predators even includes a predator tooth necklace!

Creature Files: Dinosaurs
Creature Files: Dinosaurs
Hardcover / 9780760355282 / $14.99
In Creature Files: Dinosaurs, you’ll peer inside the jaws of these fearsome creatures, discovering what they really looked like, where they roamed, and what they ate, using many of the same tools that actual paleontologists do. Can you match the three replica teeth to the prehistoric mouths they belong to? Stunning illustrations and surprising stats bring the stories of these long-extinct beasts to life.

I received complimentary copies.

Creature Files: Dragons
Creature Files: Dragons by L.J. Tracosas
Encounter 20 Mythical Monsters

In Creature Files: Dragons, you’ll take a tour through the world of fire-breathing, gold-hoarding, three-headed monsters and discover where and how these magical creatures came to be. Learn the unique folklore of cultures around the globe, from China to Russia to Eastern Africa, and see how people envisioned these otherworldly beasts through lush and evocative illustrations.

Included are many meaty facts to gnaw on—like which dragon had too many teeth to count, and which dragon had teeth as big as a man’s arm—along with a realistic dragon-tooth necklace! And science lovers will also find something to sink their teeth into: facts about real-life dragons that exist today. These dragons may not breathe fire, but they share some of the same traits as their mythical brethren.

Creature Files: Reptiles
Creature Files: Reptiles by L.J. Tracosas
Come Face-to-Face with 20 Dangerous Reptiles

From the deadly gaboon viper—with the longest fangs in the world—to the venomous Gila monster that lurks underground, reptiles have an extraordinary assortment of survival skills. Fangs and venom aren’t these cold-blooded creatures’ only weapons: some are camouflaged to hide in plain sight, and others, like the Komodo dragon, have powerful claws for slashing prey. Still others use their awesome strength to overpower victims, like the green anaconda and its deadly squeeze or the saltwater crocodile and the 3,700 pounds of sheer force it puts into every bite!

Creature Files: Reptiles features twenty of the world’s most extraordinary reptiles, with reptilian profiles brought to life by vivid photographs and a host of intriguing facts. Each slithering or stalking animal comes with a Fang File to give you the lowdown on how it uses its teeth to pierce, crush, poison, or munch its meals. Can you match the three replica teeth included to the reptilian mouths they belong to?

Cassandra's Review-  The perfect gift for the holidays, especially for your little one to enjoy the added treasures.  I wrapped these up right after taking a look at them so that my family can enjoy them for Christmas or Hanukkah this year.  I think that these will really bring the creatures to life for your younger readers.

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