Tuesday, November 21, 2017

ANGELS the New Musical Album from Broadway Records Review .@bwayrecords

 The soundtrack to  “ANGELS,” was created with with help from former Hillsong collaborator David Holmes and worship artist Dr. Daniel Thornton.The album is a faith-filled musical adventure featuring songs from the forthcoming Broadway-style musical, "ANGELS”.
"ANGELS" is the epic story about the ancient war between the angels and Lucifer's demons. This timeless tale of hope versus despair, angels versus demons, is told through the eyes of Sera, the Angel of Light. Though she is gifted with the power to control light, she aspires to a more heroic role. Facing the opposition of Lucifer and the chaos he has created, Sera must find the courage to rise in victory over him and fulfill her true purpose.

The album is now available at BroadwayRecords.com and Amazon.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's review- You feel like you are in the front seat of this amazing performance and just lacking the visual aspect.  The words are easy to hear as well as understand.  The background music is very high and mighty which makes everything come to life.  This is actually something I would want to go see in person.   The story is powerful and very intense so it might be a real discussion starter for some listeners.  

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