Thursday, October 05, 2017

Lightseekers Tyrax Starter Pack Review @lightseekers @playfusion

Use the Lightseekers app start your adventure on your mobile device. It is completely free to download with no in-app purchases. The game is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon.
   Lightseekers- screenshot
TOMY sent me a sample of Lightseekers to review.

Join the Lightseekers, save Tantos from the invading umbron and become a legend!
Explore beautiful and fantastic lands, meet colorful characters, battle feared beasts and quest to uncover the world’s mysterious past.
Grow your powers through epic gear and new abilities. Collect pets & companions that fight alongside you. Supercharge your weapons with the elemental powers of rare Lightstones and become the most powerful Lightseeker ever! As your hero evolves, so does the world around you. New lands to explore, quests to face, enemies to defeat and powerful gear to equip are added often based on what you, the Lightseekers community, tell us you want.

Add optional smart action figures, interchangeable weapons, motion controlled flight packs and augmented reality trading cards (sold separately) to take your play to the next level! The game, cards, and figures can each be enjoyed on their own, but together they create next level connected play.

*Smart action figures and trading cards are not required to play Lightseekers
*System requirements: Internet connection and 1GB memory required for optimal experience.
  Lightseekers is available at Toys R Us and Amazon
Cassandra's Review- If you have tech savvy kids and they love to learn as well as try new games, this is going to be a huge hit.   Your starter pack can be used with the app to create a whole hands on experience.  The tyrax could  talk, vibrate, and use different colored lights to show levels, status, warn of impending danger and help guide gameplay.  Very cool and the kids love it no matter what age.  

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