Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Jesus in the Courtroom by John Mauck Review

Have you ever thought of Jesus as a lawyer?

It may sound odd, but at times in His ministry, Jesus wore his lawyer hat. When he defended the adulterous woman, when he argued from Scripture that the disciples were fine to pick grain on the Sabbath, and in other instances, Jesus insightfully applied to uphold justice and promote goodwill.

The legal aspects of Jesus’ ministry have long been obscured or misunderstood, particularly his interactions with and attitude toward the law and lawyers. Jesus’ desire in his day and ours is to use the law to secure the rights of people to hear the gospel and to set humanity free. In other words, to be the best citizens we can be, we need to follow in the footsteps of the greatest citizen who ever lived.

Jesus in the Courtroom covers topics like:

Why we should care about the law
Strategic involvement with the law
How God has used the law to expand His kingdom
What can happen when we partner with legal professionals
How citizenship is part of discipleship

Christian citizenship in matters like adoption, abortion, minimum wage, foster care, and schools

We are citizens of two kingdoms, but many of us duck and run when it comes to civil life. For anyone who cares about their community—parents, teachers, pastors, you name it—engagement with our legal system can play a huge role in the health of our communities and in cultivating a context where the gospel can flourish.

Jesus in the Courtroom will help us understand not only why we have failed to appreciate the legal aspect of Jesus’ life, but also to understand and cooperate with his legal ministry to us and through us. If we are going to be faithful “citizen disciples” in this challenging new world, we need to look anew at how Jesus taught, thought, and interacted with the legal establishment of his day.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review -  If you first believe in Jesus and secondly have faith, then you can easily picture how the author presents the book.  To say that Jesus had many jobs and how each one would have been worked is a very entertaining idea.  When you add in the aspect of him possibly doing something with the law it becomes more realistic.  I feel like as a reader I was more curious as to how the author would go about presenting the topic and also more aware of they way it was written closer to the author's choice of view regarding how Jesus was perceived in his mind.  Is this worth the read? Yes, I think anything that can better help someone would be a great read, but maybe for older ages.

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