Friday, July 07, 2017

Roomba Battery RAVPower 5000mAh Replacement Battery for iRobot Roomba #Review

Extensive iRobot Compatibility: Rechargeable battery works with the iRobot Roomba R3, 500, 510, 530, 531, 532, 535, 536, 540, 550, 552, 560, 562, 570, 580, 595, 600, 620, 630, 650, 660, 700, 760, 770, 780, 790, 800, 870, 880, 900, and 980 models

More Powerful than the OEM Battery: 5000mAh allows 20-30% more battery life than the original Roomba battery; includes a 14.4V and a 4.7A output that offer greater performance

4 Must-Have Protections: Includes short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, low voltage protection, and a temperature control switch to ensure a long and safe operational life

Fully Certified & 4 Free Brushes: Includes CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications for safety; comes with 4 x side brushes for installation on all popular Roomba models. Note: 2 side brushes are for Roomba 500 600 & 700 series, while the other 2 are for Roomba 800 & 900 series.

Long-Lasting Premium Cells: Enjoy a battery stronger than the original with a 2-3 year lifespan and up to 500 charge cycles

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- There is not much as far as bonus features or quirks.  This works and I was able to operate it with no hassle.  I think that for the price it would be easier to purchase this and possibly save money while getting a great quality product.

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