Thursday, June 29, 2017

Do The Right Thing by David A. Duryea #Review

Do The Right Thing : in Business Improvement, Including Process and Technology
by David A. Duryea

This book puts an interesting perspective on the approach of business improvement, presenting in very clear ways how to understand, embrace, and obtain realistic improvements. It directly explains business improvement in a holistic approach that starts with the core of a business and drives all the way through successful improvement initiatives.

This method will help a company defy the next economic downturn, incubate a new venture, or re-invent your organization to achieve the next level of performance. Drive your company to be an industry best in class leader. If you are in any way involved in your company's business improvement as a business professional, technology manager, or engaged executive leader you will find these methods successful, reality based, and ultimately the right thing for your company.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The book was tough to get through, especially if you have no super interest or extensive knowledge on the topic.   i found myself drifting off or not being focused because it just seemed like bunced up jargon and facts that were too much for me as a reader.   I actually felt this go over my head and I really did try to understand the whole thing.  I would recommend this book for someone who is very familiar with the topic and can relate or improve themselves from it.

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