Sunday, May 21, 2017

Depend Silhouette Active Fit FREE SAMPLE #OwnYourGreatness #AD

 Wow, some days I can just about make it to a toilet in time, but what about when I am out and about, shopping or at the park and the restrooms are either dirty or nowhere to be found?  What do you do?  Well I have to admit that I have had to do everything from sit on the side of the road over a guardrail to mimic a toilet to even making a bit of a mess trying to squat down in the midst of a bladder call out.   I know some women have no problem going in the outdoors, but I have a constant fear of soiling myself and having to experience it for the whole day.

I also do not like having to plan around a toilet for most things.  The struggle is real and with Depends at least I can be a little more free.   As long as I bring spare changes of clothes and extra briefs, I can spend a little more free time doing what I enjoy.  I think that the brand should make larger sizes because boxing a women's fit and comfort in two sizes is not the best idea.

Pregnant or really plus size women will not be able to wear these at even the biggest size.   The pads are going to soak up a light leak and hold it until you can get to a place to change.  Also I would recommend ripping or bring scissors to cut them off rather then dragging them up and down on your legs.   These are really good for your time of the month as well especially if you are worried about shifting or have excess bleeding.

Cassandra M's Place has partnered with Depend and has received complimentary product.

The two women below have also partnered with Depend in an effort to bring the discussion to the forefront and to help women understand that bladder leakage isn’t just normal – it’s also very common.

· Suzie Haines, 45, first started experiencing incontinence while running a marathon. She had the sudden urge to use the restroom but didn’t make it in time. After that “oops” moment, she would map out the closest bathrooms everywhere she went. She didn’t really have anyone to talk to and didn’t know where to turn for help. Eventually, she started using pads, until she found Depend, which she says made all the difference – boosting her confidence and helping her feel protected all day. Today, she’s a fitness instructor, yoga enthusiast and active mom who embraces each day worry-free.

· Entrepreneur and community activist, Dyan, had always lived an energetic and fulfilling life. So when she started to experience incontinence, she did everything she could to prove to herself and her family that she could still pursue her dreams; even if it meant rushing to the bathroom more times than she’d anticipated throughout the day. After a while, Dyan was convinced that there had to be a better way to live without changing her on-the-go lifestyle. That’s when she decided to try Depend and she hasn’t looked back since. Today, she’s teaching children dance routines at her own studio and performing with her own dance group (featuring women ages 40+) at national sporting events, including the LA Clippers and LA Sparks.

 #OwnYourGreatness  #AD

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