Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Zoom Boom the Scarecrow and Friends (Zoom Boom Book Series) By Joel Brown Review

Zoom Boom, the scarecrow is a fictional character who lives on a magical farm with his many farm friends.

 The caretakers of the farm, farmer Don and his wife are very happy that Zoom Boom lives on the farm.

He helps many of the farm animals, to include those pesky crows stay out of trouble.  Zoom Boom is always there to assist and help the animals.

However, he learns a lot from them also, such as how to save money and how to recycle.  Zoom Boom main focus is teach children lessons from everyday life which will help them make wise choices, and be nice to others.

I received complimentary copies.

Charm and Dirty Bird are two characters from the Zoom Boom book series.  Their names are quite the opposite of their character.  Charm is very messy; whereas, Dirty Bird is very tidy. However, although they are different, they are still good friends.  Be Tidy, or Not?, is a book that allows the readers to understand and appreciate the differences in their friends.  It teaches children not to judge the differences, but to accept people as they are, allowing them to be tidy, or not.

Cassandra's Review- The books kind of have a creep factor for me, I know my kids did not like them very much.  I can see where the author might be trying to say something, but it just seems like a lecture more than a story.   Almost like he has bad kids that he wants to chastise.  One of my older kids said maybe zoom boom is the sound the author's hand makes when the kids are the characters (bad).  Or could you imagine a child saying that they are dirty birds.   It just did not seem right.   I was not thrilled with the smoker crow or the pyro, I mean how would introducing them to children could go either way.    Perhaps it is just a series of simple rules to get your child to behave?

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