Monday, April 03, 2017

NeverBite stops nail biting while helping nails

 If you’re like many of the population (men, women, kids), you may have struggled with nail biting, or know someone who has.  Let me introduce Never Bite it was created by a nail biter for nail biters.

Creator (and cured nail biter) Scott Kurzban  realized that the problem was that while he would sometimes bite that piece of nail or pick at the cuticle knowingly, most of the time he didn't even realize he was doing it. With his son turning 10 and his own nail biting habit getting worse, he knew he had to stop the insanity.

 Simply telling him to stop would work about as well as did with his parents telling him to stop.  Scott owed it to his son and to himself to finally break the habit, so he set about finding a solution.

How NeverBite Works:

NeverBite works by addressing both your subconscious and conscious behaviors (Your conscious mind wants to stop, but the subconscious habit that you have had for years, if not decades, is fighting you, thwarting your every effort.)

NeverBite Finger Guards turn the subconscious into the conscious - from the second you start the NeverBite System, you know every time you bring your hands to your mouth.  By physically blocking your fingers from your mouth you will break your nail biting habit in 3 weeks.  After 3 weeks of blocking the sensation of biting a nail or cuticle, your brain will reset.  Now you will be aware of your fingers every time they approach your mouth!

Once the subconscious habit is broken, the rest of the system deals with your conscious desire to bite your nails by healing them quickly, making them healthier than they have ever been, and providing you with the tools at your fingertips (ha!) so that you choose to clip or file instead of bit or gnaw!

Quick NeverBite Facts:

NeverBite Gel is a 100% organic gel that heals your nails and cuticles quicker than you can damage them!  Your nails will look better from your first application.  This is a food grade product that is also 100% natural and vegan.  You could literally eat cupfuls of this without any adverse health effects.*

NeverBite Nail Clippers - keep them on your keychain so you always have them with you.  Use the clipper to cut a sharp nail or stray cuticle instead of biting. To fit in a pocket or small purse so they are always with you when you need them.  NeverBite encourages you to file your nails often, especially early in the process.  Get used to taking care of your nails because you are done biting them!

NeverBite Gel does not contain any peanut products but is produced in a factory that packs peanut oil.  NeveBite Gel contains coconut.

Available for purchase via the website for $19.99.

NeverBite kit includes 15 NeverBIte finger guards, 3 month supply of NeverBite Gel, 3 NeverBite Nail files, and 1 NeverBite nail clipper.

I received complimentary product.

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