Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My Bible Adventure Through God's Word 52 Bible Stories for Kids By Johnny Hunt Review

( From Goodreads)

Travel through God’s Word all year long! The greatest stories in the Bible come alive for kids in My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word. Watch your children develop a relationship with God while reading amazing stories of faith.

Written by pastors, children’s ministers, and leaders who have a heart for helping children become lifelong believers, My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word is a perfect tool for introducing your children to weekly devotions. Cute art and simple storytelling naturally lend themselves to early readers who are starting to read on their own. With tangible takeaways and prayers at the end of every Bible adventure, your children or grandchildren will grow in their faith as they read My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word.

Help your child engage his or her faith in new, meaningful ways through the wisdom and insight in My Bible Adventure Through God’s Word. By starting the habit of studying the Bible at a young age, you're young believer is signing up for the adventure of a lifetime!

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- Even if you do not believe in God, I personally feel like the Bible is one of the most awesome story books of all time.  Ok, so we all know not everything written in the Bible is family friendly and it can be really hard to want to give your child a full Bible to read, nevermind the fact they probably will not understand most of it.

Now comes this book and it features 52 hand selected stories from the Bible but created so that kids can feel good about reading them while learning in a clean and fun way,  It compacts everything so that your little youth can absorb and understand what is going on.  I would recommend this book to families of any kid or children of any age as well as adults that might have trouble figuring out the bigger Bibles wording.  It is a faith based book.

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