Thursday, April 06, 2017

Groza Learning Center - Roots Booster: Strategic Vocabulary Building Review

Roots are a secret key to vocabulary building!

Using this Roots Booster workbook, students can acquire a foundational knowledge of roots that will help them exponentially grow their vocabulary. This leads to increased comprehension, improved grades, and better standardized test scores!

Tools for memorizing roots

At Groza Learning Center they are so excited about helping students achieve their personal bests in vocabulary-related academics that they have gathered their time-tested study methods and put them in a workbook for the benefit of students everywhere.


This workbook is like a tutor-in-a-box, with easy-to-use planning and tracking systems that students can use to create a successful learning experience and boost vocabulary skills for a lifetime. they have included engaging study strategies to appeal to a wide variety of learners and learning styles, from color-coding to rhyming to acting it out and more. And students can choose how to study each week to keep it interesting and maximize time.

What's Inside:

• 240 word roots with meanings and examples
• 12 chapters containing 20 word roots each
• Chapter quizzes, plus cumulative quizzes every 4 chapters
• A simple study planner for each chapter
• A variety of engaging study strategies for different learning styles
• A surprise "Grab Bag" activity each chapter to keep things fun
• 2 versions of every quiz for struggling students who need a re-take
• A weekly questionnaire to guide struggling students in revising study strategies

Knowing A Single Root Word Can Help You Decipher Multiple Unfamiliar Words!

Lifetime Benefits:
• Word roots to decipher unfamiliar words for a lifetime
• Vocabulary skills that make homework easier in many subjects
• Study strategies you can use for multiple subjects in middle school, high school and college

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Cassandra's Review-  Packed with instruction and practice pages, this workbook will be a great help for all ages .  It is going to really help if you are learning about root words and the meanings behind them.  The pages are created to make it easier to learn and understand.

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