Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wholesome and Little Peach Pit By Grace Nava Review

Little Peach Pit: A Story about Perseverance and Friendship

Little Peach Pit has found a home in the countryside. However, its neighbors are two bullies, winters are harsh, and summers are too hot. Can it overcome those challenges and reach its goals? Join Little Peach Pit in the adventure of its life!

Wholesome: Together we can save the planet!

When Little Peach Pit leaves its lovely orchard and takes a walk to the city, it finds out its friends are facing serious problems that we all can help solve. Large and small, Little Peach Pit learns that everything around us plays a part in providing a wholesome environment for all to enjoy.
Grace Nava
Grace has a B.S. in Sociology, a Master's in Religious Education, and an Ed. S. in Global Training and Development. She was an associate professor of social studies for several years, during which she facilitated a Cultural Diversity class. She enjoys writing children's books, loves traveling, and lives with her family in the Northeast.

I received complimentary copies.

Cassandra's Review-  Did you ever read something and feel like it is more propaganda or a brochure feel to it?  This is the way I felt as a reader of the books.  It was like I was trying to train my kids while reading out loud and did not feel like a story as much as a lesson ingrained.  The author has a great message and the topics are important but the way these are geared seems more like a material then a story.

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