Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mom's Guide to Diastasis Recti By Pamela Ellgen Review

Diastasis Recti (though it sounds scary!) is a common separation of abdominal muscles that often occurs during pregnancy and can result in a weakened core, changes in posture, and the familiar post-baby ‘pooch’. But did you know that a smart exercise regimen can help prevent and treat abdominal separation?

Mom’s Guide to Diastasis Recti by Pamela Ellgen offers a complete exercise guide for expectant mothers and new moms to care for their abdominal muscles before and during their pregnancies and even in the hectic months once baby arrives.

With more than 50 customizable exercises and detailed step-by-step photos, Mom’s Guide to Diastasis Recti is a companion for women looking to strengthen their core safely through pregnancy and regain their fitness routine after giving birth. After all, a baby’s best ally is a happy, healthy mother, right?

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- The exercises are doable which is a huge plus and they are easy to understand.   The book starts out informing the reader about the problem and really focusing on the topic which is perfect.   The photos help and going at your own pace is so much better then watching this on  DVD to me because I can easily reference without a hassle.  I think the kids will have fun doing some of these with you if they want to.

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