Sunday, March 19, 2017

Freshpet refrigerated pet food Review

For all  of you who love your pet or knows someone who does, “Meat” Freshpet – the only fresh, refrigerated pet food on the market.  Made with only real meat and poultry, with veggies and fruit – each recipe is slow cooked and the only preservative is your refrigerator.  It’s a fact that if you feed your pet well it will be healthier inside and out, live longer and be more fit.

 My reviewer checking out the bag and goods and  trying it out.    
She ate it and the scent of the food is strong which is great for picky eaters because of the attraction.  Of course the stray cats that my family takes care of outside will just eat anything and be happy, but this little taster was pleased and wanted more but she is going to share.

The only downside is that your cat has seven days to eat the whole bag or it has to be thrown away.
The new products added to this fresh line include incredible new foods such as: Freshpet Select 5-lb Grain Free Tender Chicken with Spinach & Potatoes Recipe for Dogs and Freshpet Vital Grain Free 6-Cup Variety Pack for Cats, as well as Freshpet Vital Turkey Liver Slice & Serve Roll for Cats.

Every product in this healthy food line is made in the USA and created using only the highest quality ingredients. Freshpet believes all pets deserve to benefit from eating fresher, less processed foods just like we do to stay healthy. And they’ve heard from thousands of pet parents who have seen their pets become happier and healthier due to a fresh diet. You can find Freshpet’s healthy, fresh food choices for our pets at supermarkets, mass market retailers and pet food specialty retailers.

I received complimentary product.

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