Friday, March 31, 2017

Awakening to God Today App Review #ATGToday #FlyBy

ATG Today App
About Awakening to God Today (ATG Today):

A devotional journal to help you enjoy your walk with God, with thanksgiving from your heart, everyday touches and prayers. Inspiration for 8 minutes with God at the start of your day, learning to hear His voice, memorize scripture, pray and journal. Lots of great ideas to build your faith, share scripture, encourage others and strengthen family devotions.

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Cassandra's Review-  I am a super busy single mom and do not have a lot of time for apps, but this is great for 8 minutes of faith based release and I can listen without having to stop what I am doing so even in a rush I can get a dose of encouragement or strength.   It is 3.99 for the app, but I think that anyone who feels they could use a little faith based pick me up, will benefit.

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