Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tales Of Men And Women Edition 7 By Stone Riley Review

Tales Of Men And Women Edition 7 Paperback

Magnum Opus: 500 pages of illuminating and inspiring poetry, prose and pictures by a life-long activist: We can awake; we can rejoice amid life's pain and darkness, and treasure light. We can learn and teach. We can build foundations for the Good New Age; it is now as though the hallways of Lascaux stand empty waiting for your brush. But how to even start? How can you live a good human life? Now when we must rebuild society on wiser passions, that is the urgent question. So here is a life's work book about our ancient human race in the world today, by a solemn worshiper of Goddess Earth; collected, enlarged and reissued constantly since 1992.

Author Bio:

Stone Riley has been an activist artist since thirty days in U.S. Army jail during Vietnam, a month from which he gained some pictures and poems. He is a solemn worshiper of Earth, has mainly made his home among the constantly supportive Pagan movement, and claims the American Pagan movement has done essential service by proving radical spiritual freedom. He believes in the revolutionary use of beauty.

Author Website:

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  The book was a little weird for me.  I guess if you are into the topics and feel the authors touch in the writing style, then it would be a bit of a better experience.    It is almost like a collage of knowledge and learnings mashed into forms of stories.  

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