Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Relief Readers Insomnia Cure By Scott Lindsay Review

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Do you have problems falling asleep? Do you have severe insomnia? Tired of taking addictive sleep aids that do more harm than good? Then this RELIEF READERS Insomnia Cure book is your answer!

Relief Readers is a unique book series designed to help people live better lives through the science of reading.

Research shows that reading can help with many problems people face on a daily basis. Some of these issues include insomnia, anxiety, anger, stress and a host of others.

It is not only reading however that provides these many positive benefits, it is also what is being read. The stories in this Relief Readers INSOMNIA CURE book were written to help immerse you the reader into the perfect setting to help you overcome insomnia. Simply read the stories in the book and you’ll be off to dreamland in a matter of minutes!

The best part is, this is a totally natural approach to insomnia. No drugs or harsh sleep aids!

The Relief Readers Insomnia Cure book contains three stories, each designed to get the mind into the perfect relaxed state to fall asleep and stay asleep. Studies indicate that reading is one of the best ways to fall asleep. Drugs simply mask the cause of insomnia. It's not just reading though that will help you fall asleep, it's the material being read. That is why each story in the Relief Readers Insomnia Cure book is written in such a way that it will put the mind into a very relaxed state.

Here is an excerpt from one of the stories in the book. The story is called: Riding a Gentle Breeze

"The carefree moon is now high in the sky. There, it will hover briefly to mingle with the glowing stars. The moon and the stars will vie for the attention of sky-gazers, for dominance of the waxing evening sky. The moon, so big and bright, but able only to reflect borrowed light, while the stars gleam of their own accord. Though further away, they are many, and so they rival the moon for the lead in the stage play that is nighttime. Drinking in their lustrous elegance, I am riding a gentle breeze ever closer to home.

This breeze: tropical, languorous, soothing; has guided me into a lethargic trance. Like the children, I feel myself becoming dreamy. The moon has bewitched me with its power to cast a spell of slumber. Was I ever awake? Riding a gentle breeze, was I carried off by my own dreams of being light hearted, peaceful, tranquil? I cannot even tell, but it matters not anyway, for now I fall deeply, wrapped in that gentle breeze, to a journey to my own mystical, magical place."

So, as you dive into the pages of this Relief Readers Insomnia Cure book, it is our hope that you will experience a better life and existence...A Better Life Through The Science Of Reading...

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- Getting to sleep and also having pleasant dreams, for those of us that dream can be hard, especially if your mind is racing. The book will help to calm and relax your mind.  It is written very well and is easy to understand.

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