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Excellent Jewish book Collection from KAR-BEN Publishing #Feature

Kar-Ben Publishing - www.karben.com

I was sent complimentary copies of the following excellent books.  I think your kids will really enjoy them.

About Kar-Ben From the website:

Kar-Ben Publishing, founded in 1974, is a division of Lerner Publishing Group, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With over 300 titles in print, Kar-Ben publishes 12-18 new, high quality children's titles with Jewish content each year.

Subjects include fiction and nonfiction for preschool through middle school, including holiday books, life-cycle stories, Bible tales, folktales, board books, and activity books, as well as stories that reflect the rich cultural diversity of today's Jewish family.

Purim is Coming!

The fifth in the popular Jewish holiday board book series by Newman and Garofoli, a family and their adorable dog celebrate the kid-friendly holiday of Purim with its megillah reading, parade, cookie baking, and carnival.

Yaffa and Fatima, Shalom, Salaam

Two neighbors one Jewish, one Muslim have always been best friends. When they both fall on hard times, can they find a way to help each other? In Fawzia Gilani's retelling of this folktale which has both Jewish and Arab origins differences are not always causes for conflict and friendship can overcome any obstacle.

A Concert in the Sand

A grandma and her little grandson take a walk along a Tel-Aviv street and encounter the conductor and musicians of the Israel Philharmonic gathering for their first performance. A foreign rights acquisition from Israel, this beautiful book is based on the true story of the creation of the Israel Philharmonic just after the birth of the State of Israel.

Talia and the Haman-Tushies

It's almost Purim, and Talia's sure that Grandma said they're going to bake "haman-tushies." Eww! But as Talia helps Grandma with the recipe and learns the story of Purim—from the bravery of Queen Esther to the schemes of wicked Haman—she discovers a lot about these holiday cookies that she didn't know. The third in Marshall's play-on-words Talia stories including Talia and the Rude Vegetables and Talia and the Very YUM Kippur.

A Different Kind of Passover

Jessica loves spending Passover with her grandparents. But this year, Grandpa is sick and can't lead the seder like he always does. Jessica knows Passover won't be the same. But maybe she can find a way to include Grandpa in the seder—and make the holiday as joyful as ever.

Passover Scavenger Hunt 

Rachel's uncle is terrible at hiding the afikomen. It's always too easy to find! So this year, Rachel decides to take over. She finds the perfect hiding spot and creates a series of clues for her cousins to follow. Can you guess where the hunt will lead them?

Yossi and the Monkeys: A Shavuot Story 

Yossi has no money to buy the food and flowers his family needs for Shavuot. He tries selling the kippahs his wife sews, but he has no luck until a mischievous monkey shows up. The monkey's antics attract customers and win Yossi's heart . . . but did Yossi's new friend come to stay?

Tisha B'Av: A Jerusalem Journey 

Israeli kids and their aunt observe the holiday of Tisha B'Av, which commemorates the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, by visiting an archaeological dig at the Temple Mount and participating in their own hands-on dig, in this beautifully photographed book.

Sammy Spider's Passover Shapes by [Rouss, Sylvia A.]
Sammy Spider's Passover Shapes 

Sammy Spider celebrates Passover with his friend Josh Shapiro, enjoying the kid-friendly holiday customs.

The Long Trail Home (Quartz Creek Ranch) by [Keyser, Amber J., Burkhart, Kiersi]
The Long Trail Home (Quartz Creek Ranch) 

Rivka can't wait to get away from her family for the summer. Since that terrible day last year, she wants no part in their Jewish community. At least at Quartz Creek Ranch, she feels worlds away from home among the Colorado scenery, goofy ranch owners, and baby animals.

Motti knows that war is coming. Israel is only nineteen years old the same age as Motti's brave older brother, Gideon and the tiny country is surrounded by enemies. It's only a matter of time before Egypt, Jordan and Syria attack. Motti wishes he could join the Israeli army like Gideon and be a hero. But when his best friend's family flees the country and his brother goes off to fight, Motti realizes this war isn't a game. His family is in danger, and Israel's very survival is at stake.

Cassandra's Review-  I decided to review the books as a whole because they were all very good and I would recommend them all for your children.  Whether you are just learning or familiar with the topics presented, the collection will teach and inspire your little reader.   While some of the books are for a little older youth, they are all clean and fun to read.   

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