Saturday, January 07, 2017

The World of Lights (The Beginning Book 1) by E.N. Nasimi Review

“It was noon but the entire world was covered in darkness …”

So begins a compelling tale of the near future, where two young people find themselves embroiled in an epic struggle for survival.

Adam is a gifted scientist who progresses from humble beginnings to a prestigious institute where he studies the Sun. Though he doesn't know it yet, the object of his interest is inhabited by an advanced race equally fascinated by the Earth. Their home faces extinction unless they can unite with humanity against a coming apocalypse and a shadowy group of rebels. The agent they send to make contact is the free-spirited and capable Inanna. When she encounters Adam, the two embark on a revelatory and perilous journey of discovery.

A tale of science-fiction and romance, The World of Lights also incorporates social, political and religious themes and will appeal to readers young and old.

Amazon B01N4BI164

Goodreads book/show/33390405-the-world- of-lights

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I think there may be a few meanings in this book that make it a deeper read.  It is not just a flat on the surface, written without thought  kind of read.   The author seems to place so much into the story that it brings everything to light.   I would recommend more so for older ages, just because of the intensity.   So the author wrote a good book one and I would actually read the book 2 if it becomes available.  

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