Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Chamberlain Key By Timothy P. Smith Review


There is more to the Bible than we ever imagined...messages from God--both hopeful and troubling--hidden for ages, now revealed by modern computer technology. 

The Chamberlain Key tells how Timothy Smith, an appraiser and conservator of artifacts and antiquities, discovered and decoded a complex message in an ancient Hebrew manuscript of the Bible--a message that applied startlingly and unmistakably to him!

The book relates the painstaking process Smith undertook to verify and authenticate this "contact"--a quest filled with adventure and mystery. But instead of using old maps to find buried treasure, this hunt uses the data calculation power of modern technology.

 The author's remarkable discovery shows how the Bible is even more amazing than we ever dreamed... layered with meaning and insight, a book like no other, prepared by a brilliant Creator who wants to explain his loving plans, as well as issue serious warnings that may apply to the generations alive today." 

Check out the Chamberlain Key Website - Timothy is adding new articles regularly to his website. Current articles include:

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra' review-  The author brings a deep and interesting read.  The amazing finds and ways that this author came to conclusions is really neat.  The book is absolutely for believers of the Bible because that is the whole point.   I think this will bring up many discussions for study groups and would be great for Bible schools.  Ages teen and older will really get the most from it as far as being able to understand and follow along.   Get ready to be awakened to more Bible reveals. 

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