Thursday, January 26, 2017

goDog® RhinoPlay Toys Review

goDog® RhinoPlay™ is a line of unique and durable foam dog toys that was developed by Worldwise® in conjunction with the One World Play Project™. 

The goDog® RhinoPlay™ line is made from a unique material called PopFoam® NT™. This makes for a dog toy that is incredibly strong but still very lightweight. Dogs will love the feel of this material and pet parents will love the durability. 

The Beast™ ball is a puncture-proof ball that never goes flat! The Beast features a unique self-inflating valve so it will reinflate, even through tough play! 
BEAST Product
Made from light but very durable foam
Great for indoor play
A portion of all proceeds are donated to charities that support the human-animal bond. 

VEXO Product
The Vexo™ is a fun, stick-shaped toy. A concave shape makes it easy for dogs to carry.

I recevied complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  No matter how tough your dog is at play these toys stand up to the job.  I live by a creek and was able to see the toys actually float.  I think they will be even more fun in the summer when my dogs are allowed in the outside water.  It is nice to have a light weight toy, that I do not feel bad if my dog decides to catch in midair.   I think the only thing that would make them funner for my dogs is if they had the scent of bacon or somehow a taste of it when they chew.

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