Saturday, January 07, 2017

Entitlemania: How Not to Spoil Your Kids, And What To Do If You Have By Richard Watts Review

For everything you give your child, you take something away.
ENTITLEMANIA IS AN EPIDEMIC. Well-intentioned parents across the country are enabling a ''me'' generation of children who lack the wisdom and satisfaction of accomplishment that only struggle and adversity can bring.

As a veteran advisor and legal counsel to America's most successful families, Richard Watts has seen the extremes of entitlement up close and wants to help you avoid creating it in your own children. Entitlemania will teach you how to redirect kids and repair adults who believe the world owes them something. Your greatest challenge may be learning to control your own actions!

Entitlemania will provide practical strategies like creating boundaries, walking your talk, and allowing children to fend for themselves. A groundbreaking book that sheds important light on an increasingly pervasive social trend affecting children at every age—and at every income bracket! The big takeaway for parents: You may have to let your children fail so they can learn how to succeed.

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Richard Watts

Richard Watts, lawyer, author, speaker, and problem solver, is the wise counsel to many of America's wealthiest families. They rely on him to guide their families and journey through the rapids of life. From behind these castle walls, Richard provides the wisdom and counsel to avoid the pitfalls of excess and entitlement. The founder of Family Business Office ® ("FBO"), Richard was admitted to practice law in 1982 and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School. He has appeared on numerous television programs and authored articles as an expert on how money often complicates the "simple life". Author of Fables of Fortune: What Rich People Have That You Don't Want, his next publication on the topic of Children of Entitlement: The Cause and Cure, is due out in 2016.

Richard and his wife of 37 years are residents of Laguna Beach, California. His passions include international travel with his wife and family, longboard surfing at San Onofre, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, piano, and music composition. He is the proud father of three adult sons; Aaron (wife Rene), Todd(wife Stephanie), and Russell, and grandfather to Maclane, Lucy, and Chandler.

Richard has a talent for creativity and will continue writing books in the Fables of Fortune series. Richard often speaks on these topics to business, religious, charitable, and parent organizations.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  No one parents perfectly and this book is not created to point fingers.  It is a great guide in training yourself and helping your children.  There is so much to say about this book and all good because the author writes such a great grouping of helpfulness.   Everything is laid out for you as the reader to just learn from and act on.

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