Saturday, January 14, 2017

Black, White, Other In Search Of Nina Armstrong By Joan Steinau Lester Review


Identity Crisis.

As a biracial teen, Nina is accustomed to a life of varied hues—mocha-colored skin, ringed brown hair streaked with red, a black father, a white mother. When her parents decide to divorce, the rainbow of Nina’s existence is reduced to a much starker reality. Shifting definitions and relationships are playing out all around her, and new boxes and lines seem to be drawn every day.

Between the fractures within her family and the racial tensions splintering her hometown, Nina feels caught in perpetual battle. Stranded in a nowhere land of ethnic boundaries, and struggling for personal independence and identity, Nina turns to the story of her great-great-grandmother’s escape from slavery in hopes of finding her own compass to help navigate the challenges before her.

I recevied a complimentary copy

Cassandra's review- It is so real to read this book, I could not believe it was fiction.  The characters are written to life and the story is mixed with intense emotion.  I would recommend it for mature teens who can handle the very real situations.   The book could bring up a few discussion points that would make it useful for study or youth groups.

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