Friday, January 27, 2017

Amazing Adventures with Dev By Melody Boulton Review


Have you experienced the deep loss of a precious loved one -- your son, your daughter? My son, Devon, left this earth Good Friday, 3/29/2013. He was 23 years old. Dev and I have always had a deep and mysterious connection. Our relationship continues on beyond his physical life and manifests in joyful, loving, and extraordinary experiences.
Our story will give you the opportunity to engage with a powerful spiritual journey while also getting to know Dev as he was in earthly life.

Amazing Adventures with Dev will offer opportunities to:
- explore the transformative power of love
- expand your awareness and open your heart
- contemplate life after death
- experience awe-inspiring realities beyond this one
- appreciate the natural healing of grief

This is a moving story of Devon's life and tragedy that will inspire you by his bravery and the depth of our relationship, dazzle you by the tantalizing peeks at other realities beyond this one. This is a heart-warming and heart-wrenching story. It will bring you comfort and useful tools as you move through your life. This book of love and wonder is for you!

Melody L. Boulton has traveled and lived throughout the United States, earned several educational degrees, practiced psychotherapy for more than thirty-five years, worked as a hospice nurse, and is a long-term student of the Diamond Approach spiritual path. Her son, Devon, died March 29, 2013. Melody lives on the spectacular coast of Maine.

Devon Merritt was born and left the earth from Brookline, Massachusetts. He graduated from UMO with a degree in communications and lived most of his light hearted, loving, wise and inspiring life in Portland, Maine. He was an exemplary athlete, world traveler; know by many, loved by all. His humor, intelligence, wisdom, joy, and boundless love are richly revealed in his contributions to this book. Devon is now beyond space and time—omniscient and ubiquitous.

I received a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Loss of a person is sudden, hard and hurtful.  The sorrow is so intense.  The loss of a child is so much more.   The pain is fresh everyday even though the healing begins.  The story is the sharing of ones life and the pain of death.  The finality however is not there for this author as she still carries on a way for her mind to process the grief.   It is a sharing of blessing and hurt at the same time.  I feel like this book would be suitable for anyone who lost a child no matter what ending faith they believe in.

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