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ökocat™ Natural Cat Litter Review

Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter
Soft cracked wood pellets offer amazing absorption, 7 day odor control

premium fast and firm clumping natural cat litter in soft, ground pellets. Tested performance for long lasting odor control and unsurpassed absorption with the added benefits of being naturally lightweight, biodegradable, and flushable.
Proven Performance as Best in Class!
7 Day Odor Control
Absorbs 500% its weight
Superior Clumping
Naturally Lightweight

Naturally lightweight natural cat litter with a super soft texture your cat will love. Soft Step™ is a fine wood granule, a texture similar to that of clay litter so transitioning your cat to natural is easy. True to its name, it’s perfect for delicate paws, seniors and kittens.  Tested and proven performance for long lasting odor control and unsurpassed absorption as well as the added benefits of being biodegradable and flushable.

Softer on paws
7 Day Odor Control
Absorbs 500% its weight
Superior Clumping
Naturally Lightweight

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/okocat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rufus_okocat

I recevied complimentary product.

Cassandra's review- The first thing I noticed was the scent of this litter because it is very nice.  The granules do not hurt my cats paws and they can comfortably handle their business without any burning or problems.  It can cover up the mess and help to mask the odor until I can scoop.

 While this claims to be a flushable litter, I do not ever flush, so I can not tell you about the effects of it and your toilet.  It did hold pretty well when scooping into a bag.  8.99 for a 7lb box is not super high in price so this might be a better alternative to other litters especially if you have a problem with clay based.  

Nutrish™ Zero Grain Chicken & Potato Recipe #Review @nutrish

I recevied complimentary product.

Zero Grain Chicken & Potato Recipe
Real chicken and zero grains, glutens or fillers
Rachael Ray Nutrish - Real Recipes. Real Ingredients. Real Good.
Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Zero Grain for Cats Chicken & Potato Recipe is made with simple, natural ingredients, plus the vitamins and other minerals your cat needs for a complete and balanced diet. Never any grains, glutens or fillers.
U.S farm-raised chicken is the #1 ingredient
Zero grains, glutens or fillers
Zero poultry by-product meal
No artificial preservatives, colors or artificial flavors

Cassandra's Review-  As most of my readers know, I help animals both cats and dogs as well as other types to find homes in hopes of keeping them out of our local kill only option, shelters.  So some weeks my house can get filled.  I do have one of my very own favorite cats and she loves to help me review as well as being with us for the last 7 years.  

 She is  very picky but her stomach will not betray us in the reviewing process.  Some cat foods, she will eat and then throw up and others she will walk away without even attempting to try it.    With this is mind I let her try the zero grain and she seemed to be eating it well, it stayed down and this was only around 5 bits, when she was given more then that she drank an excess of water, but held it down. She is not super excited to try it more, but will eat a few little bits as a snack.

Of course the strays do not care what brand they eat, because they are often coming in so hungry, so they just gobble it up.     So I guess with this brand like others, it just depends on the circumstances and the cat.

MY MOTHER’S QUILTS review and a contest #MyMothersQuilt #FlyBy

MMQ Cover revised
My Mother’s Quilts: Devotions of Love, Legacy, Family, and Faith

Inspired by thirty family heirloom quilts, each devotion in My Mother’s Quilts shares the enduring legacy of faith, family, and tradition in our lives. Rich, personal, sometimes heartbreaking, often funny, readers will find their own lives reflected in the author’s memories and the lessons and encouragements drawn from the quilters whose legacy lives on in their work. Woven through it all is the message of God’s grace and faithfulness, as strong as the bonds of the generations and as comforting as the oldest and softest quilt that your grandmother ever sewed. Beautiful, four-color photos of each quilt are included.


Win one of the quilts featured in #MyMothersQuilts by Ramona Richards. Also up

for grabs: loads of other prizes including quilting hand warmers, coloring books,

and 25 signed copies of Ramona’s book. Winners will be emailed after the contest

ends on June 30, 2016. 

Official site- http://bit.ly/MothersQuilts ( Click to get to the contest  page)

Purchase ShopBetterBooks.com


About the Author:

Ramona Richards is an award-winning editor, speaker, author of nine books, and a frequent contributor to devotional collections. An avid live music fan, Ramona loves Nashville, which she’s called home since she was ten. Sensing her mother was near the end of her life, Ramona documented her mother’s stories and lessons behind each family quilt. These stories form the devotions in My Mother’s Quilts. Find out more about Ramona and her books by visiting her online at ramonarichards.com.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  Good vibes, faith and a collection of stories that is sure to put you back in time, while wrapping you in between it's pages.  It is filled with heartfelt genuine stories and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys clean, loving, faith based books. 

Sketchy Stories By Kerby Rosanes Review

Sketchy Stories The Sketchbook Art of Kerby Rosanes

World-renowned artist Kerby Rosanes specializes in black ink doodles and sketches, and at the age of 23, he quit his desk job as a graphic designer to pursue his art full time. With a legion of over a million followers, Kerby has been a source of inspiration to artists, designers, and art-lovers all over the world with his stunning art and inspirational messages like "Never Quit Drawing" and "Be Awesome Today." Now fans can glimpse the personal sketchbook of Kerby Rosanes with Sketchy Stories, a beautiful facsimile reproduction of his original sketchbook, loaded with secret doodles, elaborate sketches, and whimsical lines and detailed patterns. Interspersed with his artwork, Kerby also includes techniques, tips, inspirations, influences, and more. The ideal gift for fans of Kerby Rosanes or anyone who is ready to be creatively inspired.

The Author
Kerby Rosanes is a Philippines-based artist. He works mainly with ordinary black pens to magically illustrate his "doodle" world. Most of his works are characterized by whimsical lines, patterns, characters, and little elements that are spontaneously combined to create massive compositions depicting his everyday experiences or anything that inspires him.

Kerby left his job as a graphic designer in a local company to finally pursue his passion: creating more art for personal projects and for various clients and collaborating with other artists and design agencies around the world. Some of his current clients include Nike, Mazda, the National Art Society, Kult, Typ, Humm, and Puzzle Planet. He is the artist behind Animorphia, Imagimorphia, Doodle Invasion, and the upcoming Doodle Invasion 2, and he has a popular new art series called Geometric Beasts.

You can learn more and purchase HERE.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review- I tend to doodle while on the phone, but this is a whole new level.  Kerby is super talented and his work can be viewed for a long time without really soaking up all that it has to offer.  Every little detail is so well placed.  

I will keep this art forever, and the kids love it, I also noticed that later in the night, there was drawing being done in my home.  Very inspirational!

The Berenstain Bears Caring and Sharing Treasury By Jan & Mike Berenstain Review @Zonderkidz

9780310753582, The Berenstain Bears' Caring and Sharing Treasury, Jan & Mike Berenstain
Time after time the Living Lights, Berenstain Bears series has attracted young readers through creative and engaging stories that not only entertain but teach values and life lessons. Now, five of the series’ most loved books are available in a comprehensive bind-up. This Living Lights collection Back to School is sure to be a popular choice for Berenstain Bears readers who have enjoyed the series in the past.

This collection includes:

-        Jobs Around Town

-        Get Involved

-        Love Their Neighbors

-        The Biggest Brag

-        Gossip Gang

Jan & Mike Berenstain

Stan and Jan Berenstain introduced the first Berenstain Bear books in 1962. Mike Berenstain grew up watching his parents work together to write about and draw these lovable bears. Eventually he started drawing and writing about them too.  Though Stan died in 2005, and Jan in 2012, Mike continues to create the delightful Bear adventures from the family home and studio in Pennsylvania, in an area that looks much like the sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review - My family loves everything about the book, it has awesome bear fun and great illustrations.  The collection makes you feel like you're a part of the bear family and really sends out great messages to kids!

Kids Suncatcher Craft with Epsom Salt

Summer vacation is upon us. Even if you have your kids signed up for camps, sports, and learning programs, there’s bound to be a rainy day or two. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself with a full house and nothing to do.

Don’t panic - file away this fun, easy kid’s suncatcher craft that requires nothing but household items: water, Epsom salt, and a plastic lid.

Kids Suncatcher Craft
Measuring cup
Epsom salt
Microwaveable dish
Clear, plastic lid

Heat ¼ cup of water in the microwave for 30 seconds
Add in ¼ cup of Epsom salt
Stir until the salt crystals have dissolved
Pour mixture onto the plastic lid (just enough to cover the bottom)
Let sit by a window overnight
When completely dry, cut a small hole near the edge of the plastic lid
Tie string through the hole
Hang in window!

I recevied complimentary product and the video is not my own.



By Dr. Wayne Aldredge

Studies show smiles can make us more attractive, lower our stress levels, elevate our moods, and make us look younger.

Therefore, it’s important to be well and keep our teeth and gums smile-ready. Unfortunately, many of us don’t. Nearly 50 percent of U.S. adults age 30 and older have periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease. In adults 65 and older, that number spikes to 65 percent.

Periodontal disease is not a disease that’s regularly discussed, despite the fact it’s 2.5 times more prevalent than diabetes. And, a 2015 survey from the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) showed that 27 percent of U.S. adults lie to their dentists about how often they floss their teeth, with 15 percent saying they’d rather wash dirty dishes than floss. The survey also found that a third of American adults say a smile is the first thing they notice when meeting someone.

Here are some more fast facts about periodontal disease from the AAP:

There are two types of periodontal disease: gingivitis, the mildest form, and periodontitis, which is advanced gum disease.

Symptoms of periodontal disease include red and swollen gums, receding gums, bleeding when flossing, loose teeth, and persistent bad breath.

Research has linked gum disease with several other diseases, including diabetes and heart disease.

Gum disease can lead to social anxiety and discomfort from loss of teeth and bad breath

Now here’s the good news. There are dental experts out there who can help treat gum disease—periodontists. Periodontists specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and they receive three additional years of training after dental school. With our skillset, periodontists know why it’s important to keep your gums healthy to be able to chew and smile forever.

Brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and receiving an annual comprehensive periodontal evaluation will help keep your gums—and your smile—spectacular. There are also non-surgical therapies or more advanced procedures, such as dental implant placement, available if needed.

Taking care of your gums shouldn’t be an afterthought. That’s why the AAP has launched the Love The Gums You’re With educational campaign and Gumblr, a new website that helps you find a local periodontist and offers information about gum disease, features interactive quizzes, and much more. Check it out at Gumblr.org!

Because spectacular smiles start with healthy gums, and the gums you have are yours for life, it’s crucial that you Love The Gums You’re With.

Dr. Wayne Aldredge is President of the American Academy of Periodontology. He’s also on the Board of Directors of the Northeastern Society of Periodontists—the largest regional periodontal society in the United States—and a former President of the New Jersey Society of Periodontists.

1 Billion Seconds by Poppy and Geoff Spencer Review

1 Billion Seconds—or 32 years—is the inspirational story of lost and found love. A coming of age true journey of Poppy and Geoff, college sweethearts, separated by timing and naiveté. Jesse, a fictional entity, chronicles their true life experiences. Seemingly madly in love, Poppy and Geoff still need help from Jesse, a “relational choreographer,” to help them manage life’s up’s and down’s and the communication skills needed to maintain a mature relationship. But sometimes real life and true love don’t mix. Jesse’s ‘star couple’ break up and move to separate parts of the country. 

For the next 32 years—or one billion seconds—Poppy and Geoff lead separate lives, which include marriages, children, deaths, divorces, 9/11, and losing their own identities. Real-life couple Poppy and Geoff Spencer are the authors of 1 Billion Seconds: A Fictional Memoir—a voyeuristic look into many true events in the couple’s lives—both separate and united. The beautiful story opens in happy times, featuring the two college sweethearts in sunny Florida over three decades ago. But their storybook romance comes to a screeching halt when Poppy graduates ahead of Geoff and returns home to Wisconsin. Initially, the young love was not enough for distance and naiveté. “We were 21-years-old and stupid,” Poppy and Geoff quip of their real-life break-up more than thirty years ago. 

“Through the writing of 1 Billion Seconds, we uncovered the implicit understanding of what makes relationships work and what can lead to their downfall; and, the short answer is to embrace vulnerability. We wouldn’t have turned tragedy into triumph, gotten back together, or written a book without being 100% vulnerable." This book not only entertains but it also inspires readers to truly understand the value of vulnerability. It’s more than a novel and not exactly a memoir; instead, 1 Billion Seconds is an inspirational tale that weaves the Spencers’ real-life professional experiences as relational coaches with their own love story. Readers of 1 Billion Seconds are given hope, the courage to take risks that honor who they are, and a roadmap to eliminate negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors that prevent true happiness in a relationship. 1 Billion Seconds provides a rich and textured love story against the backdrop of practical, useful relationship advice from real-life, professional relationship coaches.

 It also includes the following themes: • Hope and courage: which allow you to take risks to honor the core of who you are • Offers a mindset to help you get rid of any thoughts, feelings, and behaviors preventing you from being the best version of yourself • Challenges fear and social bias, and the common notion that people should stay together “for the sake of the children” • The value of speaking the honest truth • Proper communication skills, even if no words are the best • How to integrate blended families • Belief in a happy-ever-after

About the Authors
Poppy and Geoff Spencer
Poppy and Geoff Spencer, authors of the new book, 1 Billion Seconds: A Fictional Memoir, share advice below, based on their own experience with four divorces and five marriages between them and as relationship coaches, offering three reasons not to forsake the ex for the sake of the children.

The Spencers, who are now married and work as relational choreographers themselves, said writing the book helped them uncover the implicit understanding of what makes for a true happily-ever-after, something they learned after 32 years (or one billion seconds) of being apart.

The Spencers live in Sarasota, FL., and can be found online at http://1billionseconds.com and www.relationalcoaches.com. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-- An extremely long book with closer to 800 pages, this needed some schedule clearing and I am a speed reader.   This is a very detailed story and is written with such care and strength that you almost feel a part of each moment.   I would recommend this to older adults because they would really connect more.  

Princess Adele’s Dragon by Shirley McLain Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY

Princess Adeles Dragon banner

Princess Adele's DragonPrincess Adele’s Dragon
By Shirley McLain
Genre: Fantasy
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: 22 March, 2016

Princess Adele lives with her brother, Robert, the King of Valdoria in the castle. There has been a monster terrorizing the Kingdom for months. The King has finally come to a decision on how to deal with the monster but the Princess can't agree with him. For the sake of the Kingdom Princess Adele decides she must be the one to kill the dragon. She couldn't live with herself if her brother went ahead with his plans.

What Adele found on her quest changed her life and the lives of those around her. She was a strong young woman who knew what she wanted and would do whatever it took to get it. Follow Princess Adele as she battles to save her home and her life.

You can find Princess Adele’s Dragon on Goodreads

You can buy Princess Adele’s Dragon here:
- Amazon

Shirley McLainAbout the Author:
Shirley McLain makes her home in Sapulpa Oklahoma with her husband and their fur family of four dogs and three cats. She also has two grown children, six grandchildren and twin great-grand sons. She has/is living a very full life. She retired after working thirty-two years as a RN and then began a full time writing carrier. She and her husband enjoy their five-acre country home. It is a perfect setting to let Shirley’s Muse work it’s magic. Shirley is an eclectic writer and has always enjoyed the writing process. Shortly after her retirement she woke up one morning with the thought that she was going to write a book. She didn’t stop writing until she’d finished her first book. So far she has published four books which are now on Amazon. Her goal is to bring as much enjoyment to her readers as they deserve and want.

You can find and contact Shirley here:
- Blog
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Goodreads

There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Princess Adele’s Dragon. These are the prizes you can win:
- 15 e-copies of Dobyns Chronicles by Shirley McLain

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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At Liberty to Love Celebration Tour and GIVEAWAY


Purchase your copy here.

About the Book

Click to purchase

Obedience is better than sacrifice…and trumps romance, no matter how sweet.
Profound loneliness propels a childless widow west to choose an orphan to share her life. On the way, a fellow traveler takes her by surprise. She never dreams, is unprepared, doesn’t need another man, but can’t get him out of her head…or heart. He’s so perfect—every bit the one she’d searched for as a young woman—except his mistrust of God has erected a wall she cannot breach.
Marcus Ford blames God and struggles for peace after losing his wife and baby. Not once has he considered another woman could be the answer, but the widow is like none other he’s ever met. He falls hard, but plans are taking him east. Hope dashed sends two hearts into the pit. If only Ford could forgive God or the widow ease up on her adamant resolve.
Will God’s mercy shine a beacon in the fog of despair and prove sufficient to heal their souls?

About the Author

FireplaceBkgrndCaryl McAdoo is all about loving God! She currently writes four series: the historical Christian ‘Texas Romance’; a contemporary ‘Red River Romance’; The Generations, her Biblical fiction, and the newest Days of Dread Trilogy for mid-grade readers. Known as the Singing Pray-er, she loves praising with new songs the Lord gives her and prays her story gives God glory! In 2008, she and her high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved from the DFW area—home for fifty-plus years—to the woods of Red River County. Caryl counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from God. Besides glorifying Him, she hopes each title will also minister His love, mercy, and grace to its readers. Caryl and Ron live in Clarksville, the county seat, in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State with two grandsons.

Guest Post from Caryl McAdoo

Obedience Trumps Romance
Rebecca, forty-two years young, has never known true love. Oh she’s loved—and had a best friend—but that special made-just-for-her soul mate, she’d never met. She settled, instead, and lived a happy life, even though never blessed with children. Then the unthinkable happened, and she found herself alone, widowed too soon by the Civil War that claimed so many lives.
Rather than throw a pity party, she prayed and formulated a plan for the rest of her life. God gave her a way to turn her mourning into dancing! She’d adopt an needy child to love and fill her lonely days with joy. And her sisters in San Francisco happened to have an orphanage. She’d never traveled by herself, but determined to put the idea into action, she left Clarksville, Texas for a month long journey to California!
This new story is one of my favorites as it extols the goodness of the Lord, how His plans are always so high above mere man’s, and how He moves those who love Him into place to receive His blessings. And Rebecca had loved Him since a little girl. He’d been her father when she was born without one and then when she’d prayed for a daddy, sent Henry Buckmeyer into her life.
And how do we show God we love Him? By our obedience to His Word.
Before, that’d come relatively easy for her, but early on her trip, a man climbs into the stagecoach and makes her uneasy. Glad that Daddy had bought her a Derringer and taught her to use it, she rides in silence, feeling his gaze and sneaking her own peeks from her reading.
With no idea of the test God was about to put her through, when the fellow traveler finally figures out who she is and speaks, Rebecca is taken aback by the surge of totally unexpected attraction. Marcus Ford was handsome, intelligent, and everything she’d looked for in a suitable man back when she’d been courted.
But alas, he almost hates God, blaming Him for the premature deaths of his wife and baby girl during the yellow fever epidemic that plagued New Orleans. If she learned one thing from her mother, it was not to unequally yoke herself. Besides, her life had been planned. She had a goal and a child to save.  Plus, when her trip took her west, he went east for a job interview.
It was never meant to be. How many times do we make our plans only to be thwarted by circumstances beyond our control? We thought God had been leading us, we’d given Him the glory, and trusted the path to be in His will. So then why—when she at last had her life figured out—had she even met the man? She didn’t need another one, but never experienced what she did in Marcus’ presence.
When confronted with temptation, do we quote God’s Word to the one out to kill us, steal from us, and destroy our lives? Or do we toy with doing exactly what we know we should not? I pray as you read AT LIBERTY TO LOVE, you’ll be encouraged and root for my dear heroine to do what’s right and not give in, not fall into a place God never meant for her to be…or did He?
7 titles At Liberty
To celebrate her tour, Caryl is giving away eight prizes including the complete print set of the Texas Romance series. 

Social Media Strategies Celebration Tour A Kindle Fire & several Amazon GC GIVEAWAY

To purchase your copy click here.

About the Book

In our current digital world, the internet puts every entrepreneur and creative artist smack dab in the middle of social media and marketing. With an online tsunami of informational how-to’s, deciding which methods work best challenges the best of us. In Social Media Strategies: Discover Powerful Tools of the Trade without Losing Your Soul, uncovers the most relevant techniques, skipping unnecessary fluff by going straight to up-to-date tactics and tips used by experts.
Inside these pages, a wealth of simple, savvy tricks aids understanding of things like SEO, Facebook algorithms, top performing platforms, and key ingredients for engagement. You’ll also have a treasure trove of links, templates, time saving applications, and what’s projected to change in cyberspace so you can stay ahead of the curve. However, your worth is not the sum of hard numbers. No longer do you have to feel depersonalized by ranks and formulas. T.H. Meyer combines trending social media content followed by encouraging words that redirect your soul to God. In the right hands, social media is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses or any person with a message to share.

Guest Post from T.H. Meyer

Often times, we write (or live life) with two voices in our head.
One voice belongs to the Critic. This voice says, “Your friends or peers may not like your work? Worse, you know So-n-So will hate it!”
Who do you think you are?”
“You could fail!”
“You’re putting yourself out there, why risk it?”
“You’re sloppy and lack analytical, time management skills.”
“Apologize ahead of time to those one-star readers you know are telepathically hating your words right now!”
The other voice belongs to the Encourager. This voice pushes you out of your comfort zones because you have that one reader in mind you want to help. This voice says, “Give words to lift their spirit.”
Show them what you’ve learned so they don’t have to struggle like you did.”
“Help them see a better way.”
“Brighten their day and give them hope.”
“Provide practical information that’ll make their life easier.”
“Point them in the direction where peace and joy abide.”
We may begin with the Encourager, but it’s the Critic that stops us. It’s the Critic that paralyzes us with insecurity and inaction. And if we proceed with the Critic, we move with such caution we end up writing to the Critic instead for the Encourager. In fact, the Critic wrestles the pen out of our hand and so, we add disclaimers until our whole book is about placating the Critic.
We want the Critic to like us.
They won’t.
We want the Critic to see our good intentions.
They don’t care.
We want the Critic to know we understand.
He’ll only slap at our attempts, laugh in our face with pungent garlic breath, and still hate whatever we’re doing.
When I began writing my debut book about social media strategies, I wrote to help the struggling artist, writer, or entrepreneur take advantage of what’s available at their fingertips. I wanted to provide applicable information to improve their understanding and presence. My desire included helping them get ahead while also remembering where their true hope comes.
But that all changed when the Critic showed up.
Instead, I added disclaimers before every chapter, like:
“Hey, if you don’t like this stuff, I’m so sorry, just skip this chapter, in fact, just skip this whole book. K? So sorry. Hate that you don’t like social media. I know it sucks. It sucks, right? Like big time? I know. So sorry. Social media can be the devil’s spawn. I totally get it. No, really I do. I’m a worm for writing that it can be used for good. So sorry to bother you with this. Oh look, squirrel!”
Yeah, true story.
Thankfully, I stopped doing that. I edited and rewrote. I got back to work and penned my book for the Encourager.
May 31 - June 13
The most important part of this book is the writing under the word “Strategies”. It states: “Discover Powerful Tools of the Trade without Losing Your Soul.” I’m a social media manager who spent years, blogging and feeling like my soul was sucked out by all the platform-talk that I was told to focus on.
Add to that, the Christian publishing industry heavily relies on the number of followers you have before taking a risk on you, to the point, your whole worth as an author, a person can get wrapped up in a number. Sheesh. The pressure to be popular and viral can be defeating.
Also, I taught classes to local small business owners and entrepreneurs on how to maximize their social media presence. Essentially, I encouraged them (as a consumer myself) that clients, consumers, and community can’t find you if they don’t know about you. So this is as much as service to potential clients and community as it is for their business. But I found many business owners were overwhelmed by the deluge of information regarding social media.
That’s where this book comes in. I wrote it to be a help to others, but especially to Christians who feel like their souls die a little more every time they try to tackle social media, platforms, and latest changes in the social media landscape.

My Review

About the Author

T.H. Meyer’s writing has been featured in online magazines such as C’est La Vie: THE MAGAZINE and The High Calling along with guest posting for Amber C. Haines, Jennifer Dukes Lee, and at The Gift of Writing to name a few. Besides her current employment as a social media manager and content writer, she founded Outside the City Gates and worked as a creative director for the Sunday Circle Group, a worldwide collaboration of talented artisans, poets, photographers, speakers, and writers. She lives among Rye pastures on a farm in east Texas, far removed from big-city slickers. On any given day, eight resident ducks waddle under her bedroom window and quack like dogs when ready to eat. Her favorite pastimes are family, writing, juicy in-depth conversations, and unsweet tea. Connect on her blog Fear Not: Infusing Courage into Your Gifts & Talents, Facebook, or Twitter


To celebrate her tour,  T.H. Meyer is offering a HUGE give away: A Kindle Fire and several Amazon gift cards!