Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stephen’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa Blog Tour #StephensCocoa #ad win a YEAR'S SUPPLY GIVEAWAY

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Every cup of cocoa you drink has to live up to the first one you had as a kid. Now that’s a tough job! Other cocoas might come close, but Stephen’s will set your new cocoa standard! Our cocoa is rich, creamy and quite simply the tastiest you’ve ever had. We are continually introducing new and unique flavors, as well as cocoa innovations like our Single-cups for Keurig®-style coffee makers. Stephens also offers a special selection of delicious ciders, whose traditional (and not-so-traditional) flavors make the perfect drink for any holiday.
Stephen’s Gourmet Cocoa helps make your holiday season memorable. Use it for the following:

• Stephen’s Cocoa makes a perfect neighbor, office or teacher gift.

• With so many unique and fun cocoa flavors, Stephen’s Cocoa is the perfect treat to serve at holiday parties, post sledding or snowman, or any time you need a delicious way to warm up.

• Stephen’s cocoa can make any of your holiday recipes more delicious.
Some of Stephen’s Gourmet signature cocoa flavors include:

· Salted Caramel

· CandyCane

· Mint Truffle

· Dark Chocolate

· S’mores

To see all of our delicious and unique cocoa flavors visit:

Facebook: @StephensGourmet
Twitter: @StephensCocoa
Pinterest: stephensgourmet

 I love indoor winter activities and especially with hot cocoa.  My  family enjoys game nights and could easily play into the late hours.  I think it is super important to spend as much time as possible with the family because every moment is a treasure that especially my children will remember for a long time.

 Now even though some game nights are a little wild and someone may throw a temper tantrum or two, we always have a special treat for everyone who plays, because in this family just playing makes you a winner.

 Hot Chocolate is a huge favorite drink of mine and also one that I usually reserve for the holidays as to me it is traditional. Of course my children will drink it everyday if I let them, but we never tried Stephen's hot cocoa before.

 The flavor is like drinking a silky smooth wonderful treat.  The peppermint pieces stuck to the bottom of the cup, but my kids loved scraping them off and having a bonus treat.  I have a wide range of board games for everyone to get involved so that even if the kids have a certain skill level they will not feel left out.

 I also love to do puzzles with my family and find that it helps to reduce stress while keeping everyone entertained.  The little ones will eventually get bored and color or draw.   There is just so much to do from decorating, to baking that can keep my family busy during the super cool nights.

It was actually 28 degrees outside tonight and my family snuggled up to watch a Christmas movie and enjoy the new Stephen's Hot Chocolate.  I prefer to make mine with hot milk because it is creamier, but water has a very nice taste and texture.  I would highly recommend this brand.
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