Tuesday, October 25, 2016

PosterMyWall 1/2 OFF Printable Downloads Review

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Commemorating a graduation

My entire life, I've loved doing arts and crafts projects, especially collages. As a child, and even into my early college years, I always gifted my closest friends collages of our times together. I mean, what better way to cherish the moments than have them frozen in time in a personal collage? So naturally, when my eldest started his senior year of high school, I knew a collage would be happening in the near future.

Even though I had the entire year to make the collage, I figured I'd better start sorting through our online albums (just to select the ones I wanted to print). I even mentioned it to a girlfriend, who also shared my love for all things arts and crafts. And that's when she told me about PosterMyWall!

She told me the site offered amazing templates, including a category for family collages!!! Suddenly, my project turned from a year's worth of prep into about a day's worth of prep. Because I still had to sort through my online albums, it took me a bit to decide which images to select. But actually uploading the images and customizing my design only took a few minutes!!! With the site's online tools (we're talking backgrounds, images, filters, etc.), I designed and purchased a 24x36" poster collage without hours of meticulous cutting and pasting.

The collage arrived fairly quickly, and everyone loved it. My son even teared when he opened up the package! Now we use PosterMyWall for all photo gifts. If you wanna see what other products PosterMyWall offers, check out this page.

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I recevied complimentary print.

Cassandra's Review- I recevied a $7.50 8X12 print that took me over two hours to customize using the software on the poster my wall site and it was not simple.  The print arrived with good speed as far as shipping and it was just a print, like a bigger photo not sure if you can do it on a photo printer at home.

 However because I choose photos that were not correct to size and basically gave up in the end of customization, mine arrived with blurriness in the quality.  Overall I think that if you need a gift or photo and do not mind paying a little more for it, this is going to be great, if you have time to customize and correct your edits for awhile.  The large photo was on photo paper and makes a nice print.  

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