Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Compact Lightweight Beach Blanket Review

Large lightweight compact sand proof beach blanket perfect for you and your family. Easy to carry and easy to dry.


QUALITY – Made with durable and lightweight 100% Parachute Nylon.
BIG AND COMPACT – The blanket when in the pocket is just 4.5 x 7 inches but when is full opened it turns to 7 x 6 feet and it gives to you plenty room for 2 people and all their belongs, this make it easy to carry in any bag with you. Perfect for the beach, picnic and any outdoor activities.
SAND FREE – Sand won’t stick to your blanket, just shake it off and enjoy sand free experience.
DOUBLE ANCHORED – Corner sand pockets helps to hold the beach blanket in place and they make sure it will not fly away. Or you can keep your personal items in the pockets. Also you can secure blanket with pegs to the ground.
COOL TO THE TOUCH – Blanket will stay cool to the touch even in hot summer days.

If you like to go to the beach but hates that your things get full of sand, here is what make the things better.

With this beach blanket you have a good spot on the sand and have a lot of space to lay down and put your stuff. So with this, your bags will not get full of sand anymore.

Easy to carry because is small and lightweight, and also you will see how easy is to set it up, the corner sand pockets and stakes will helps your beach parachute blanket stay on place, don't flying away.


Cassandra's  Review-  The awesome blanket is lightweight and very easy to use. It did not fly away when anchored and has a soft feeling fabric that is strong enough not to rip during use.   My family can fit sitting down cross legged and the little kids will have no problem laying down.   I can use this on the grass and in the sand.  It was sewed well and fits into a neat little carry bag.

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