Sunday, October 02, 2016

Anti-Fog Tinted Swimming Goggles Review

Free Swim Wide Angle Anti-Fog Tinted Swimming Goggles for Men, Women, Kids and Children

SWIM BETTER, FASTER, MORE EFFICIENTLY – with its soft, flexible frame, wide-angle lens, and long lasting anti-leak, anti-fog, tinted lens, you’ll be able to focus on swimming better without worrying about fidgeting with the head strap or goggle position

EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE AND LIGHT ONE PIECE SILICONE DESIGN provides superior fit and comfort compared with other leading swim goggles

FRESH, MODERN DESIGN – be the envy of the pool with swim goggles that you only notice when others compliment you on the look

INCLUDES SOFT SHELL GOGGLE CASE that will protect your goggles wherever you go with them

I received complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review -Simple design that is standard. The added features are automatic so that you do not have to take them off while in the water.  They held tight and were easy to dry.

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