Friday, September 09, 2016

KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation test #ad @Knowhen

Representing the first significant innovation in the pregnancy planning category in years, this at-home kit tests saliva, not urine, for accurate ovulation tracking.

Traditional urine testing monitors for a sudden and short-lived surge in luteinizing hormones, while KNOWHEN tests the saliva for a more gradual and steady increase in estrogen. Each morning before brushing teeth or consuming coffee, the user simply places a drop of saliva on the kit’s microscope. When dry, she looks for a distinct fernlike pattern, which indicates the likelihood of becoming pregnant on that particular day.

The kit also offers an excellent value since it is re-usable on a daily basis, indefinitely. That means it also eliminates the guesswork that comes with urine test kits, since there are typically only offer a limited quantity of strips.

KNOWHEN also comes with a free tracking app that over time, charts a woman’s menstruation, ovulation and  activity history. This is an invaluable resource that helps women better understand their reproductive health, and one they can share with their doctors as appropriate.

I recevied complimentary product.

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