Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dirty Glory By Pete Greig Review

For many Christians, prayer is an obligation that has little bearing on everyday life. The story of the 24/7 prayer movement demonstrates in gripping detail how prayer is far more than an obligation and how God is far more interested in prayer than we are. Continuing to chronicle the life and extraordinary ministry of the 24/7 prayer movement for a readership anxiously awaiting this title, Pete Greig tells story after story of God’s faithful interaction with human prayer to change lives and cultures.

Pete Greig

Pete Greig is the bestselling author of several books, including Red Moon Rising. The 24-7 Prayer movement was birthed by Greig in 2001 in one small room. There are now active prayer rooms in over half the countries in the world. Greig travels extensively to chronicle the marvels that God works through prayer.

Cassandra's Q&A Review

- What did you like about the book and why? The author shares his views and creates a great book about really praying for the right reasons.

- What did you not like about the book and why?  There was nothing bad in this book and it was actually well written and very informative.

- What did you learn?  Prayers are more than words.

- To whom would you recommend this book and why?  Anyone in strong faith that feels prayers are beneficial.  Of course younger children might be bored or not understand.  

I recevied a complimentary copy.

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