Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and tips from Amanda Mushro


Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, a leading diaper rash brand, tapped brand ambassador and parenting expert, Amanda Mushro, to provide must-have hacks for new parents taking home their little ones.
In the brand’s recent survey of millennial moms and dads, respondents sounded off on hot parenting topics sure to be on the minds of new moms and dads everywhere this season and Amanda Mushro responds to these stats with tips and tricks to help with the baby boom.

Kick Some Rash!

Millennial parents need answers when it comes to a dreaded diaper changing woe…82% wish they had more tricks up their sleeve to prevent diaper rash.

· Helpful Hacks:

o The summer is primetime for diaper rash because of the high temps and the frequent dips in the water. Try to prevent diaper rash before it even starts by changing your little one out of his or her swim diaper right away, making sure to let them air dry before putting a new diaper on.

o The one surefire way to treat and prevent diaper rash is keeping moisture away from the skin, that’s why new parents should invest in a diaper rash cream that provides a thick moisture barrier, and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste has the thickest formula for doing just that!

o Changing the baby on the go and want to avoid the usually germ-invested public changing table? Try the reclining position of your stroller or the backseat or trunk space of your car for a quick fix diaper change.

SOS Call

HELP! Both moms and dads get an average of eight texts or calls when their significant other is home alone with their child. Sometimes you just need your partner in crime!

· Helpful Hacks:

o If the parent on duty is feeling a little nervous about the alone time, line up some extra help in the form of a play date, or even a family member to stop by for a little extra support.

o Many “HELP” calls come from parents not knowing where something is while the other is gone. To cut back on searching, use an over the door shoe organizer to arrange everything you need for a diaper change, bath time and more all in one place. Before your partner leaves home, go over the organizer together to make sure everything is accounted for.

No Judgment Zone

When it comes to getting a free minute of time to tend to some household tasks, parents admitted to taking some shortcuts! To get the job done, parents said they’ve set their child up in front of the TV or a device (65%), put their child to bed before their bedtime (61%) and let their child stay up past their bedtime (57%).

· Helpful Hacks:

o Sometimes you have to get creative to get things done with your baby. If you’re headed to the grocery store, leave foldable laundry baskets in your car to easily carry all of your groceries or bags inside the house in one trip.

If the floor of your vehicle looks like a buffet of snacks, dirt and things you’re not too sure about, you’re not alone! For quick and easy clean up, line the floor of your car with long rag rugs from the dollar store. The ridges help catch all the crumbs and falling debris and cut down on vacuuming. You can even use blue painter’s tape or double stick tape to secure the rugs to the floor. When you’re ready to clean, shake the rugs out, throw them in the laundry and smile because this hack is saving your sanity!

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