Monday, September 26, 2016

Starting and stopping #NSNation #ad .@Nutrisystem

Today is the day and I am sick of the problem, so it all has to change!!!

Why?  Because thanks to Nutrisystem, I have started a great journey to lose some much needed weight.   I was blessed with the opportunity of becoming a fourth quarter blogger!!  So over the next 12 weeks I invite you to join me on my quest for freedom and comfort.   O, I will also be writing about my food adventure.
Today is my first day on the Turbo Takeoff and I will share more with you about that next week.  
Wish me luck as I hope to reach my goal.

I recevied complimentary product for review purpose and the opinions are 100% my own.
#NSNation #ad

************************UPDATE 10-10-2016***********************

I had to discontinue with the program due to some side effects and concerns I had with the food on the program.     For my readers I need to point out that I did get very sick and achy with major bowel problems.  For my own health and safety I had to stop.  If you are planning on going on this diet please note that you have to really find out what ingredients are involved and how your body will respond.

 Also you must plan to have a lot of extra spending money to keep up with the extra fresh foods you need.   This is not a cheap diet, but it does give you an idea as to portion size.   My final opinion is to just try and limit your own calories and lose weight by yourself without all the hype programs.  If you get the proper calories no matter what you eat and exercise along with a healthy amount of water, you will lose.    Lastly all of the weight loss during the plan, was gained back within a few days of stopping the diet and I was told it was normal as most of it was just water weight.  

 I am not saying anything negative towards nutrisystem or their system, I just could not tolerate it and again my health is my first concern.   I want to thank the director of the program for his help and concern although the counselor was terrible and did not even answer emails unless directed to do so, I was told mine went into spam.   I am sorry to you my readers that I could not provide a full journey or happy loss goals, but I did try and it was the best I could do.

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