Friday, August 12, 2016

The Adventures of Celia Kaye By Kaitlin Puccio Review


by Kaitlin Puccio

Illustrated by Grammy nominee Sarah Larnach

When writer, director, and entrepreneur Kaitlin Puccio learned she had celiac disease her entire life changed. As she researched details about the condition, she discovered that it was difficult to access credible, comprehensive, and comprehensible information. She resolved to use her passion and creativity to help the millions of others who struggle with gluten intolerance—or any food allergy—every day, particularly young people who can feel shameful of their condition and who face challenges each day at school during lunch.

She developed the character Celia Kaye, a young girl facing the challenges of celiac disease, and penned THE ADVENTURES OF CELIA KAYE [Bent Frame, Available Now, $17.00 US] with a goal of giving children with celiac disease someone to whom they could easily relate. The first book finds young Celia Kaye telling a series of tall tales to a friend, all designed to avoid having to admit the real reason why she can’t eat the same foods as everybody else. With illustrations by Grammy nominee Sarah Larnach, The Adventures of Celia Kaye is an excellent tool to help parents talk to their children about celiac disease and overcoming the stigmas and fears surrounding food allergies.

What I do best is create, and I found that I can use my creativity to help others," says Puccio, who is also a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM) and a certified mat Pilates instructor. "Once I see a need or have an idea I choose the right process and medium for what I've created, which allows me to produce prolifically across many platforms. Writing THE ADVENTURES OF CELIA KAYE was only one step in my overall plan to develop the brand and help the celiac and gluten-intolerant community., a website dedicated to sharing user-friendly and family-friendly information about living with gluten intolerance, is live and has a new section dedicated to The Adventures of Celia Kaye.

About the Author

Ms. Puccio is the author of the forthcoming children’s book, Have You Seen My Tail? as well as the writer of Circles (Winner, Best Short, Hoboken International Film Festival; Nominee, Best Director, 30 Under 30 Film Festival). She also contributes her ideas and thoughts on, a website dedicated to bridging the gap between analytic philosophy and creative writing.

I recevied a complimentary copy.

Cassandra's Review-  I thought the secret was going to be braces or something far more secretive.  Having Celiac disease is super common these days and most people do not even care to address it in public.  It seemed a bit dramatic for Celia to make a big production out of it and not be straightforward from the start.

Starting off with numerous lies is never an option that  I give to children.  The book should have focused more on celiac and how to help it, then pages of fibbing and tall tales.   It just seemed like a lot of hype or build up for that topic.  Also repeating the full name Celia Kaye seems pointless though suspiciously when saying it a certain way sounds a lot like Celiac?

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