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Reviv3 Procare Review .@ReviveProcare

About Reviv3 Procare:

Reviv3 Procare is committed to using only the highest quality natural ingredients available for scalp care to give its consumers fuller, thicker and more luxuriant hair growth without drugs or harsh side effects. Reviv3 Procare is a one-of-a-kind hair care line that grew out of a need for an effective, drug-free system that makes a tangible and positive difference for fine and low-volume hair. Clinically proven, Reviv3 Procare’s advanced Shielded Micro Technology formulation provides a 3-step system that effectively revives natural and color-treated hair.

Reviv3 Procare’s 3-part system involves three easy steps: PREP, PRIME and TREAT.
revive cleanser shampoo
The Reviv3 Procare PREP (step 1) uses a cleanser shampoo that removes environmental residue and DHT build-up from the hair and scalp surface.
revive moisture + conditioner
The PRIME (step 2) is a Moisture + Conditioner which is formulated with natural glycoprotein to restore moisture, strength and elasticity to hair and scalp.
revive micro active treatment
The TREAT (step 3) is Reviv3 Procare’s advance Micro-Activ3 Treatment which delivers nutrients to the scalp and vital areas of hair follicles to increase microcirculation, renewed hair growth and strength. Together, Reviv3 Procare’s 3-part system safely helps to prevent hair fallout, heal the scalp and hair follicles and improves the appearance of fine and thinning hair.

I recevied complimentary product.

Until recently, Reviv3 Procare advance formula has been available for purchase exclusively through hair care professionals and high-end salons, but is now available for consumer purchase on its website.

Revive ProcareThe Reviv3 Procare 3-part system is chemical and sulfate-free and works with both natural and color-treated hair. For more information and to purchase Reviv3 Procare, please visit

Cassandra's Review-  The three steps are simple and most are already a part of a ladies, normal hair routine.

  While I have not tried this for a full 30 days, I was able to get a good feel for the brand and their product.

 The first thing I noticed was the fragrance of the shampoo and how it opened my nose to a more pleasing scent.

The lather process felt relaxing and really nice on my scalp, there was no burning or irritation during the whole 3 step process and the final leave in treatment did not bog down my hair or leave it looking greasy.

Also, while I noticed that the information provided to me stated it may cause redness of my scalp, I did not notice anything out of the ordinary or any pain.  The directions are plainly written and easy to understand.

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