Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program Donates 200,000 Sackpacks & School Supplies @OfficeDepotFndn

 The Office Depot Foundation National Backpack program is back for its 16th year, giving children around the world the tools they need to succeed in school. The program which will donate 200,000 sackpacks filled with school supplies this year, and that has helped more than 4 million children since it began in 2001.
 For children to succeed in school, they need to have the right tools: pencils, pens, crayons and such – and something to carry them in, of course. With these in hand, they can walk out the door each morning with a sense of pride – excited about the day ahead.

Unfortunately, millions of kids are far from properly equipped for school. In fact, untold numbers of youngsters head out in the morning with nothing but a plastic bag or a pillowcase to carry their books and school supplies in – if they even have any supplies to carry.

The Office Depot Foundation has worked exceptionally hard to change this troubling reality. By donating great-looking new sackpacks containing essential school supplies to deserving children, they are giving them invaluable tools they can use to succeed in the classroom.

The sackpacks  they donate are designed with kids in mind – they come in seven different color combinations with kid-friendly graphics. You will not find the Office Depot Foundation’s logo anywhere on the sackpacks – except for a removable paper tag because they want to be sure that children are proud to carry the sackpacks they receive, with no risk of being stigmatized by something that clearly identifies it as an act of charity.

I recevied complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review- First of all a huge high five to everyone who has taken the time to make this program possible.  Each beautifully designed pack can hold books and a lot of other things.   They are easy to carry and each pack has a pen, pencil, pencil case, crayons, pencil sharpener, eraser and a ruler.

The coolest part about the whole program is gifting these to children in need.  Just watching someone be blessed and feel the excitement it brings is wonderful.   I was able to hand a few of these out to some local homeschool families that I know are in desperate need of supplies.

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