Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gigamons Review @BlueOrangeGames

Master the Magic of the Elemons

Gigamons is a memory game where you will enjoy matching and collecting Elemons to activate their superpowers. Every two Elemons unveiled unleashes a magical spell to hinder your opponents or aid your quest, and every three Elemons collected will summon a mighty Gigamon. This game will have you embark on a magical journey in this artfully mastered, creative world where memory is the key to success.

On your turn, you will look at 2 of the face-down Elemons on the table, revealing them to all players. When you find a pair of Elemons, you will earn them and also invoke their unique special power, giving you an advantage for the rest of the game. Every three of the same Elemon you find, will summon the corresponding Gigamon to your side. And when you have 3 Gigamons, you win the game! Gigamons is a game artistically designed to engage the player’s imagination and carry them away to a new world.

Focus and attention
Problem solving

I recevied complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-  The game is very challenging for my memory, but the younger kids had a really good time playing.    It blends the match game with elemental monsters that are cute.   Everything from the set up to the gameplay was simple, except you need to have a really good memory to win.  

You can also alter the rules for children with special needs so everyone can have fun.  The characters are well created and colorful.  One of the kids playing said the name of the game reminded them of another game with digital monsters.  

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