Tuesday, July 05, 2016

God and Money By John Cortines and Gregory Baumer Review

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God and Money: How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School

Two young Harvard MBAs on the fast track to wealth and success tell their story of God's transforming power and how Scripture brought them to the startling conclusion that they should give the majority of their money away to those in need. Packed with compelling case studies, research, and practical strategies, God and Money offers an honest look at what the Bible says about generous giving. No matter what your salary may be, God and Money shows you how you can reap the rewards of radical generosity in your own life.

*100% of the author royalties goes toward Christian ministries focused on spreading the Gospel and providing for those in need*

You can check out this book at http://godandmoney.net/
Gregory Baumer
Gregory Baumer was a 25-year-old analyst at a Boston private equity firm pulling down $250,000 a year. Why not drop $1,000 a month for dinners out with his wife? Greg was a Spender.
John Cortines
John Cortines was earning six figures as a petroleum engineer for a major oil company in Louisiana. He so delighted in the prospect of shoring up wealth for his young family that his online banking password was "retire_at_40!" John was a Saver.

I recevied a complimentary copy of this book.

Cassandra's Review-  I started and stopped writing this review, deleting and redoing it because I had so much to say, but it was kind of not really going in the direction of a review.   I guess when you're filthy rich (which I am the complete opposite of)  You need to find ways to generously give your money away.   I wish I had people like the authors in my town, to really help out.

  More of the rich should consider picking up a copy and stop using their money for evil and selfish ways.   Now I had to stop and think about what I would do with extra cash (winning the lotto), and I would first finally get my family a safe vehicle so that I could actually drive again and not have to beg around for rides.  Next I would send all of the people in my family enough money to pay their debts and live a stress free life.

   I would make sure my children were financially stable for their entire future if they save and spend correctly themselves.  With whatever was left over I would start to bless strangers and at that point I would have been happy to have read this book.    In the end it comes down to you as a person and what is really in your heart.

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