Sunday, July 17, 2016

BreadCrumbz Review

My Crumby World

 BreadCrumbz – a new children’s brand founded by mom of two girls, 
Shannon Addison. Through BreadCrumbz, which follows the lives and interests of four Crumbz characters, Shannon aims to teach girls between the ages of 6 and 12 years old about the value of self-acceptance.

 The four Crumbz characters – Samantha Sourdough, Rachel Rye, Whitney Wheat, and Penelope Pumpernickel – each have a unique personality and different interests. Despite their differences, however, the Crumbz all encourage girls to find out what it is they like to do and where their interests lie, and to stay true to themselves in all situations.

BreadCrumbz fans can follow each of the Crumbz characters through a series of Trail Tales posted to the company’s website. Each Trail Tail story focuses on one Crumbz character and her world, incorporating valuable messages like “Confidence is the best accessory” or “Sometimes friends are the best medicine”. New Trail Tales are posted to the BreadCrumbz site regularly, providing Crumbz fans with plenty of engaging and thoughtful content.

The BreadCrumbz website also includes a Parentz Corner, designed as a place for parents to share their own experiences and learn about raising children, and an online store which currently features a BreadCrumbz activity book, Pop Inz charm bracelet sets, and BreadCrumbz t-shirts. Additional BreadCrumbz product lines are planned.
I recevied complimentary product.


Cassandra's review-  I would like to suggest that there be characters for boys as well because they would enjoy them.   The whole concept and design of this brand as well as the meaning behind it is awesome.  Each set of charms are affordable so they can all be collected at one time.  Any age group would like the bracelet and charms, but I think the whole package would be best for middle grade girls because that is when the start of needing to preserve self acceptance is the strongest.  This is going to be a great gift as well as a conversation starter and can help parents to break a barrier while helping out.

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