Monday, July 25, 2016

Baby Bubbles Review

Baby Bubbles
 Baby Bubbles is a unique clothing company that was created as a way to help families with preemie babies. Driven from personal experience, founder Teresa Skrepinski watched her family go through the challenges that can come with having a preemie baby.
organic onesie

Organic Onesie

Baby Bubbles are a unique twist on the favorite newborn outfit – the “onesie.” They come with removable and interchangeable Velcro patches with messages such as “Baby Girl/Boy,” “Daddy’s Girl,” and “Tickle Me.”
Limited Edition Artist Patch: Little Fairy
Limited Edition Artist Patch: Little Fairy

I recevied complimentary product.

Cassandra's Review-   I like the use of velcro for the patch and the standard onesie already has the back of the patch attached, so you can interchange them as wanted.  Each patch will fit the same place.  You do not get the option to place the patch wherever you want.  My little ones do not like tags, so I had to cut them off without trying not to rip the onesie, I would have liked this to be as tagless as possible.

 I have never met a baby that could keep a onesie clean.  It was a smart choice to choose white as the option for the material. I can use a non chlorinated bleach to get the stains out.   I decided to air dry mine, but you can place it on a low tumble in a dryer.   These can not be used to sleep in, but mine did not last till nap time without getting messy anyway.  You also can not fully remove the patch so if the top is not in place then the surface material is still there on the shirt in case your little one has sensitive skin.

The patches are clever and each have the Baby Bubbles logo on them.

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