Monday, July 18, 2016

3M Products Review and Shoplet

3m Mouse Pad w  Precise Mousing Surface w  Gel Wrist Rest

Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest:

Your mouse is in sync with your every move. Precise mousing surface enhances the precision of optical mice at fast speeds enabling optimal performance. Battery-saving design extends battery life of wireless mice up to 50%. Like a satin pillow for your wrist. Stay in the zone with good form and comfort. Wrist Filling Material: Gel Mouse Pad/Wrist Rest Type: Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Colors: Gray/Black Theme: Solid Color.

Cassandra's Review-  I am currently using this mouse pad,  depending on the angle of my wrist is it still applying pressure to it and can be uncomfortable,  I think it is because of the thickness of the pad being too puffy and a little harder.   I also work for many hours and my wrist tends to feel raw and painful. The material used on the very top of the pad has some type of grooves in it that makes a sound when I scrape on it with my fingers as well as feels unpleasant when I touch it with my hand.  I understand that it might save battery but it it rather bothersome.   Overall this is not a satin experience for me and I will not use this often.  

Stay in the zone with good form and comfort with wrist rests containing 3M Gel Technology. Sleek profile uses minimal desk space and is easy to pick up and move around. Family of 3M Workspace Solutions enhance comfort and productivity helping you get and stay in the zone for optimal performance. Wrist Filling Material: Gel Mouse Pad/Wrist Rest Type: Keyboard Wrist Rest Colors: Black Theme: Solid Color.

Cassandra's review- Similar to the mouse pad this wrist pad is a certain level or hardness and height that does not feel especially comfortable and can get in the way of my typing as I need to be lower to the keyboard.  I would think the experience would be better in a real office chair or from a higher angle. It was a good length and did fit in front of my keyboard without a hassle. It also stayed in place during use.  

Room to work from tools designed to match your style. Maximize your desktop space with the sleek, elevated design of the 3M Adjustable Monitor Stand. Move it up. Move it down. Set it to the height that's right for you. Height adjustable in increments of 1 1/4". Stable support for monitors and laptops up to 20 lbs. Non-skid rubber feet keep stand securely in place. Recessed platform helps keep essential tools phone, pens, notes, etc. close by and easy to find. Stand Type: Monitor Width: 16" Depth: 12" Maximum Height: 5 1/2".

Cassandra's Review-  You have to have a steady hard surface to place this on, so your lap is not going to be safe.  The legs are easy to adjust and they fit ok.  I did not have any problems with it.

I recevied complimentary product.


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